Back to nordic walking.

Started this morning with some nordic walking in the nearby areas, it is a really nice way to wake up mind and body before breakfast. Ideally I would have loved to go for a proper hike in the national park but since it is gym day today it had to be a shorter walk instead. Went out for a run yesterday which was a lot more enjoyable than the former one so I am feeling great about my training at the moment. Though I had a bit of a break, I am slowly and finally able to ease my way back into a more active life again. Thumbs up for that!


Warm oatmeal porridge and gorgeous American blueberries after the walk and now I have the fuel for a few hours of studying before heading off the gym. Really enjoying these two psychology modules at the moment, investigating the ‘theory of mind’ and animal minds. Incredibly to develop a better understanding of the similarities as well as differences between humans and non human animals minds. So far it has actually made me even more steady in my belief of staying away from eating meat even though that is not at all the aim of the course. However, wider knowledge  of animals emotional lives and ability to interpret their surroundings does make me even more humble towards all the beautiful creatures that we share our world with.

An afternoon hike in moody weather.

After casually checking the weather forecast I decided to head off out for a long hike today. As you will notice later on in this entry, that was a foolish mistake – or well, correction – it was a foolish mistake to not dress for a potential change of weather. It is Aprils fools weather after all and it can change from 20 degrees to 9 in a heartbeat. Nonetheless, rain or not – with views like these, is it really okay to complain? I think not!

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It is quite difficult to show how heavy the rain was, but trust me when I say that I was completely drenched upon my return back home. As such, this hike did not turn into a long one, which I had wanted  initially, but it was still absolutely lovely to get out in nature for a bit. Tomorrow my boyfriend and I will head off to a town nearby (2 hours train ride from where we currently live) to adventure a bit, imbibe some culture and have a few meals out – totally looking forward to this little get away of ours! As such I wish you all fabulous weekend, see you on Sunday lovelies! ♡