Sunday Summary.

This is my first Sunday Summary in a wee while so it is rather exciting to be able to look ahead as well as look back at what I have been up to lately. First things first – I did manage to reach my goal of walking a total of 80 km in the month of May even though the last three days were a bit stressful. But it is done now and it is a great feeling to know that I so far have been able to keep my monthly goals. I believe that starting out this getting back into shape and being more active with plenty of walks has been one of the better ideas since it is a truly lean way to do exercise and possible to keep up no matter where in the world I might be.


However, lately I have been thinking about my past two months of easing my way back into a more active lifestyle and I genuinely feel like it is time to step it up a little! Thus I have decided to start jogging two times per week which I think will be quite challenging but at the same time extremely motivating since it is something I have been looking forward to for so long now. Those of you that follow my blog may have noticed that I have already done two sneaky jogging sessions to sort of “try it out” and it has been going very good so far. To keep track of my jogging and to boost up my motivation to get it done I have set a RunKeeper goal for my jogging to finish a total of 20 km before the end of June which I think should be doable. At the moment I am able to jog a bit over 3 km each time and if I can keep it up 2 times per week I should be fine.


I have also set a new walking goal of finishing a total of 80 km by the end of June, I hope that I will have exceeded that amount of kilometres by then but it is an absolute minimum of walking even though I am going to do some jogging as well. But it is important to me to keep on walking since it will not only help me to boost my cardio fitness but also assist my body to rejuvenate between my jogging days by getting the blood circulation going. If there is anything I did learn from training with a PT (will write more about this some other day) then it was about staying active and in particular those days when I feel stiff and not at all in the mood, it will make all the difference! But it is not only because I want to help out my body that I want to keep on doing my walks, it is also because I have truly grown to love and appreciate these walks of mine, they are my alone time and an hour a day when I am left to think and plan my day without any interruptions. ‘Tis lovely!


Additional to this I am planning (thought of this today) to buy a monthly card at the student gym in town because it will allow me to do some more weight training (machines, I know that some trainers don’t approve of these but I quite like them and think they are a great supplement when you do training that isn’t supervised by a PT or any other trainer) and hopefully some rowing, elliptical machines and my greatest love of them all – treadmills! The only problem is that I’m not sure whether or not it’s possible to buy a membership for only a month and if not then it won’t work. Keep your fingers crossed!

☁ ☁ ☁ 

June will be challenging though, not only because I am asking my body to accept this new training routine “jogging” but also since I am battling a rather difficult pollen war at the moment (I have felt pretty under the weather for a while now and since we basically live in a national park there is plenty of grass and other plants to react to) which some days unfortunately makes it more or less impossible for me to even be outdoors. I am definitely the most boring summer-person you could ever think of as I only wish for rainrain and then a bit more rain to flush all the pollen away. So, if I am blessed with some rain every now and then this new training schedule and goals of June should be doable but if the weather decides to be truly mean to me I may fail epically which of course will be a downer but not the end of the world. And of course this is also where a gym will come pretty handy, being able to train indoors will make all the difference. All in all, the month of June is going to be exciting and I am thrilled to get going!

Sunday Summary.

So, I am closing in on my walking goal for the month of April and I am very grateful that everything has worked out perfectly fine these past weeks. I am always a bit cautious when it comes to training since I do have to keep my problematic achilles in mind and not overdo anything, not even walking – or it will act up and put an end to all things training. So, of course it makes me feel like a star knowing that I have managed to lay the grounds for my future training without upsetting my achilles and at the same time managed to strengthen my body and lose weight. Win win, simple as that!


My walking goal for April is to finish 115 km and I am currently on 108 km, which means that I will finish my goal one day early if all goes well. The plan then is of course to set a new goal for May but it will be a bit different since I plan to start jogging at the end of the month and I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve that I will write more about next week!

Anyway, below is the stats for my walking the past week, unfortunately I had two days off – the first one was planned and the second one was due to a horrible headache which required a lot of sleep and zero activity. Luckily my headaches don’t last very long and I am usually back to normal again the day after. I also feel like I should mention that even though I had a headache I really missed my walks, isn’t that fun? A little over a month ago I was huffing and puffing when walking 2 km without a break and now I long for my 5 km walks more than anything. Life is beautiful!







Sunday Summary.

I cannot believe that it is already Sunday, the weeks fly by and even though I do feel a huge difference in my walks compared to first week I still can’t understand that it already has been three weeks!

Anyway, I have continued my walks and the only annoying thing is that I missed out on tracking one of them, which means I have only 6 days of walking according to RunKeeper. However I have done some splendid walks this week, a bit longer than last week but also greater elevation (I live in a very hilly/mountain esque area so when I say elevation I really mean it!) which of course means that 5 km of heavy uphill walking feels a lot longer and tougher (I suppose it is as well!) than walking on flat ground only. It also takes longer since it is tougher and the pace is slower, but I enjoy a challenge and have absolutely loved these walks. But I have to pace myself to not do uphill walking every day since my achilles would most likely protest quite fast and make it impossible for me to walk at all. Not a deal that I am willing to make any time soon!







I am now at a total of 80 km out of 115 and 69% done, it is going to be close as I may need one or two days off next week. But I am quite certain that I will make it as I plan a few longer walks as well. All in all it has been a good trial run and I now know what I need to change for next months walking goal.


Lastly, I did a sneaky jog as well during one of my walks this week – since jogging/running really is what I truly love it was unbelievably amazing to be able to switch from walking (not my favourite pace) to a bit faster pace. I say faster, but anyone who has seen me jog since I became overweight would most likely not even consider it jogging – but that is ok, even if I am slow at this point it is still a different thing to jog instead of walking, the footwork is different, the bounce is there – to me, it is just the most beautiful thing ever.

Despite my love of running, I am still a bit too heavy to jog (achilles and knee wont hold) so this was nothing but a tiny teaser to remind myself of the amazing training that is yet to come. So for now I will stick to my walks and continue to strengthen my feet (I do feet exercises to help my achilles), legs and abdominal area and to be perfectly honest, it is quite alright to do it all in babystep pace as well and I much prefer it than rushing along and ending up with a lot of injuries due to not having the patience to wait it all out. Walking is truly good for me and the progress I have made so far is convincing me that jogging is not too far off now and that is an amazing thought right there.