Nike, Puma and Adidas outlets.

Today I have spent a good amount of hours looking around in the Nike, Puma, Falke and Adidas outlet stores located in a city nearby where I currently live. I was mainly on the lookout for some new seamless running socks, but couldn’t find any which was quite surprising! But I suppose that is one of the downsides with outlets, its not the full range and its often in odd sizes and quantities. But that is of course okay due to the much affordable prices provided. Thus, despite the lack of success in the socks department, I had a lovely time checking out and trying on various training gear.

Version 2Version 2

I am madly in love with the color yellow (in all of its shades) and this super-cute Nike t-shirt simply had my name written all over it. It was an absolute ‘must buy’ and at only €10 it was a real bargain as well, love it! I think my slight obsession with yellow originates from one of my very first memories as a child when I as a 1 year old used to have my naps underneath blooming mimosa trees in South America. Ever since then, yellow has been a huge part in my life and to me it is a ‘happy colour’ generating positive feelings and loving memories!

Version 2 Version 2Version 2

Despite looking around most of the sport related shops, I didn’t end up buying more than the Nike t-shirt which was a bit disappointing. But it was enjoyable nonetheless, and I also picked up the ‘ahmazing’ Tom Ford perfume, Black Orchid. Cannot stop sniffing it, simply gorgeous!

Train in style.

Found some lovely training gear at the Outnet today, how about some beautiful tank tops, trainers, bags or a shell jacket with promises of sunny days and palm trees! I do not know about you guys, but I absolutely love it! As yellow is my favourite color the cut-out stretch scuba top is pretty high up on my ‘wanted list’ at the moment!


Adidas by Stella McCartney Yellow Cutout stretch-scuba topBlack Mesh and satin-twill shoulder bagFloral-print shell and mesh backpack  ♡ Black Adizero satin-twill sneakers ♡ Printed shell jacket

When the weather changes.

Dear hearts, yesterday my internet refused to cooperate so I decided to enjoy the downtime by starting my day with a morning walk (as per usual by now, how lovely is it not to be able to say that even if its only been 8 days!) followed by some relaxing time on the sofa catching up on some of my favourite tv-series such as Mr Selfridge and Game of Thrones. By the way, did you all see the new GoT episode last night? I am so excited about this new season and since most of our friends and families are following it as well it most definitely is the topic to talk about.


Today the lovely weather has abandoned us and the rain is pouring down from an elephant grey sky above, normally I don’t mind “bad” weather but today I am quite displeased as I do not have any training clothes that could cope with this kind of weather. Quite naively I have tried to convince myself that I would not need to purchase any water or wind proof light coats since it was already +23 degrees most days, how wrong was I?

I don’t know about you, but being over-weight and apple shaped, I find it really hard to come by good quality training gear in general and windbreakers/waterproof coats that are still light enough seem to be impossible to find. Of course there are plenty around in small sizes (as always) and most coats that state that they are Large simply cannot be because they are so tiny that I find it hard to believe that they indeed are aimed for “larger” people. Despite all this, I do need to find a light coat so my hunt has officially started and if you happen to know of a brand that makes good larger training/outdoorsy clothes please do share your experience and advice!

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Today, I am also sending my amazing dad plenty of thoughts of love, since today is (was) his birthday and it does not matter how many years that pass by I still miss him tremendously every day, every year. However, I have been blessed with some new happy and amazing memories from the 8th of April even after my fathers passing, since my lovely boyfriend had his doctorate promotion on this very day a couple of years ago. A truly joyous day that forever will hold a very special place in my heart. Isn’t that amazing though, how new beautiful life-changing experiences can challenge some immensely sad ones. Nevertheless, I miss you so very much dad, and I wish you were here. Love you for evermore xxx