Breakfast and Beetroot Juice.

Sunday, and I started my morning with a lovely breakfast and some beetroot juice. Must say that I had a rather lazy morning actually, much deserved after yesterdays kickboxing and static strength exercises. I love that kind of exhaustion that happens after a tough workout. I don’t think I ever feel so alive as I do during the full on, give it all I have circuits when my breathing is ‘heavy’ and theres a constant river of sweat dripping off my forearms, chin and forehead. I love it. Though I currently train to beat Hashimoto’s I would never and have never trained for the sole reason to get or be fit. I train because I love it, because its a part of me as much as I wish to be a part of it. The energy boost I am granted during and after training is fantastic. And the satisfaction of going to bed later on in the evening and have the best sleep ever due to my body being at peace is gold. Simply gold.

Version 2

Anyway, this morning I felt like giving my body a bit of a nutrition boost, not that I feel ill or anything I just like to keep my immune-system on its toes. Much needed when you suffer from an under-active thyroid as well, since it is an autoimmune disease and anything and everything you can do to help your body out in these situations is a good thing. Though I don’t use juicing as a mean of ‘weight control’ I still swear by the many benefits it has for your body (not to mention the enhancement of your bowel movements if you have problems in that area) as you get to consume large amount of vegetables, fruit, berries in the many different juices.

Version 2Version 2

Love the gorgeous color of the beetroot, fresh and vivid. I prefer to buy them ‘raw’ like this and peel them myself instead of buying them ‘prepared’. This way I know exactly whats been done to them, i.e absolutely nothing. Just the way I like it. I also believe that the whole point with juicing is to use fresh products, which is something I cannot get my head around when it comes to the current ‘smoothie’-trend. So many people seem to use frozen (packaged) products, something I would not really want to do if I could avoid it. However, I am not big into smoothies so perhaps there is something to it that I simply don’t get. As of now, I much prefer juicing as it is an excellent way to boost my body with plenty of nutritious benefits from raw vegetables and fruit.

Version 2

If you find it difficult to stomach the ‘earthy‘ taste of the beetroot (I did to begin with) then you can add a lemon in the mix. My experience is that it neutralise the overly earthy taste quite well. And I suppose most people know how fantastic lemon juice is for the body – yum – unfortunately not so awesome for our teeth so should be consumed with some caution for sure.

Version 2

So this is just about what I put into my beetroot juice, sometimes I add celery as well or any other green veggie, but as I didn’t have any at home today this had to do. I will also eat a very green lunch today so will most definitely get enough green vegetables in my body.

Version 2

Some of the finished product, don’t you just love the popping color? Not only the color is beautiful, the taste was as well and I am sure my body thanks me for the many health benefits. To borrow a slogan from Marks & Spencer, this juice is certainly… one that wows!

Version 2

Accompanying my juice I also had a lovely breakfast, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and some avocado – would have loved a bit more that, but it was a tad too ripe unfortunately. August can be a bit tricky when it comes to keeping vegetables and fruit. I always seem to forget and keep on purchasing the same amount and then have to make the most odd food combinations because I really don’t want to have to throw anything out. Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday – I am heading out for a run later on tonight, fingers crossed it will be a fabulous one!

A decilitre of vitamin boost.

I love the idea of scaling down and try to eat and drink as clean as possible, I certainly do not do it all the time but I try. Juicing makes it possible for me to give myself a proper vitamin-boost every morning before I take on the day. My significant other have been quite sceptical towards some of the juices, in particular the green and red ones, but this one has a very fresh, yet sweet and well-rounded flavour to it which seem to go down well with most people.

Version 2

In the morning I try to keep my calorie and sugar intake low since I am trying to lose weight. Despite fruit not being as bad as refined sugar, whenever I have made a ‘sweet’ juice such as the one I have done today, I keep my intake to one decilitre. However, if I drink a green juice (mainly vegetables) or even red (beetroot and mostly vegetables) I drink about 3 dl in the morning and then top up with 2.5 dl of water. A perfect start to the morning for me and it instantly makes me feel perfectly hydrated after a good nights sleep.

Version 3

For this ‘sweet’ juice, I used a couple of satsumas, pears, green apples, kiwi and a hint of lemon. Whenever I juice I tend to do about a litre and then simply keep it cool in the fridge where it is good for about 2-3 days. Do not be alarmed by potential foam  from the fruit ending up on the top of the pitcher after a night in the fridge, it does not effect the taste whatsoever. Simply stir it up with a spoon and the juice goes back to looking as yummy as the day before. I hope you too enjoy your vitamin boost if you decide to try it out! Version 2

Celebrating Friday.


I have certainly been a busy little bee the past days, and yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and head off into the forest for a short hike (about 8 km) with plenty of hills to challenge my (foremost) behind! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to “climb” the bigger hills, which have always been a bit of a struggle without too much problems. The only problem being my achilles which obviously thought it was a bit too much too soon, but I have been kind to it today and only done low impact training and slow walking without hills, so it is back on track!


My boyfriends absolute favourite fruit of them all is pineapple (or well, pineapple and coconut) and pineapple juice is a special treat that never fail to put a smile on his face! Thus this Friday, while watching the World Cu(are you guys footy enthusiasts? I am not a big fan but also don’t mind it, I am somewhere in between I suppose!) I have decided to treat him and myself to some freshly homemade pineapple juice, happy days!


Happy Friday Lovelies!

Juice Diary: Day 6


Day six and I have decided to start to re-introduce “normal” food into my diet again, this decision because I simply feel like this reboot is coming to an end for me. It’s not really that I feel like I need solid food as much as I would like to go back to eating again, but it doesn’t matter, it is all good. I did five whole days on juice only and I am pleased with that, I will continue with juices for most part of the coming days – except dinner – till day 10 when I will change over completely. Saying that, completely doesn’t really mean just that since I will continue to exchange meals for juices every now and then depending on what I am doing (as in how much energy I need during the day etc) and eat healthy. I am so very excited about eating again, to be able to see if this reboot has made any change at all (I am pretty sure it has) and most importantly I am extremely keen on cooking, which used to be unheard of when it came to me. Pretty cool how things can change eh!


In a minute or so I am going to start to prepare a salad containing some of the beauties above, fresh spinach, leek, lettuce, pepper, tomato, cucumber, rocket salad, carrots and lastly sprinkled on top a bit of parmesan cheese. I am so looking forward to eating this meal tonight I don’t think words could even begin to describe how amazing it is going to be. As much as I have enjoyed the juicing I have still missed sharing a meal with the people I love so this will be total bliss for sure! I must also say, Joe Cross you are a machine! I honestly have no idea how you managed to keep going for 60 days, it is an amazing achievement and even though I kind of understand that it is possible – I doubt that I would have been able to do it. With that said, I must add that I am tremendously grateful that I stumbled upon the Fat sick & nearly dead documentary, as it changed my mind about ‘reboots’ and made me want to try it out. Doing this juice reboot has taught me so much about my body and the difference between what my mind might think that I want to eat and what my body actually needs. I will be forever thankful for that much invaluable lesson. 

General feeling: Normal.
Mood: Wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Morning walk 3.7 km
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -2.7kg

Juice Diary: Day 5


Day five is here and that is my first big goal met and actually the “reboot plan” that I am currently on, finished! Yey to that and a big pat on my back for making it this far. However, since my idea from the start was to try for or 10 days of juicing, I will keep on going for a while longer. But as always, I will only continue for as long as I feel okay with it, every day I make a decision about what I want to do mainly based on my general feeling. I didn’t want this juice reboot to feel forced in any way and I genuinely think it is important to really listen to your body while doing something like this. I mean, isn’t that really what rebooting is all about, to learn more about our eating habits and ourselves. Of course there is also this amazing benefit of giving the body a chance to reboot into a better lifestyle than the previous one. But most important is still to feel motivated to follow it through all the way, not only through the juice reboot itself but the lifestyle change that comes afterwards. To me it is equally important to have my mind set to not wanting to mess up the opportunity given and be prepared to start (or continue..) eating smaller portions and keeping active.

Friday is one of my favourite days of the week, unfortunately I have had to cancel dinner dates with friends this weekend which is a shame but at the same time, there will be new weekends when this reboot is over and done with. As much as I would have loved to go out for a meal, I am also quite happy staying in focusing on finishing off the last days of the juicing. It will all pay off in the end I’m sure! I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday

General feeling: Normal, but had an upset stomach earlier this morning. Blueberries, that is all! 
Mood: Wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Morning walk 3.4 km (plus added 4.5 kg in rucksack)
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -2.3 kg

Juice Diary: Day 4


Day four is here and with it came the sensation of feeling “totally normal” again. This is something I didn’t expect at all but of course welcome with open arms! I have previously read on the Joe Cross forums that many people start to feel like themselves again on day four but I didn’t dare to believe that it would happen to me. No idea why since everything else has worked out more or less exactly the way it has been described. But maybe it was because I haven’t really felt like I was that different to my normal self, just experiencing a feeling of being a bit “jetlagged”. I have thought a lot about why some people say that they feel more energetic when doing the juice diet and the two reasons I can see is that 1) they are normally meat eaters and then of course, switching over to vegetarian creates a big swoosh in the system, I experienced that too when I switched over 18 years ago. However the juice diet has not made me feel more energetic than normal and the only reason I can imagine is because I already eat quite a lot of vegetables naturally. The second reason is of course that we are all different and unique, what works for me may not be exactly the same for someone else. No matter what, I am very pleased with how the juice reboot is going and today I have felt very much like my old self (energy wise), which is an absolutely awesome feeling.


Another rather interesting realisation is that I have started to truly enjoy the juices now, which may sound odd – but in the beginning I didn’t particularly dislike them but I didn’t love them either. Well except for the morning one which is the apple pie tasting goodness, that one I had an instant love affair with, the rest however, not so much. The worst one of them all was the red one, the beetroot based juice which also included another one of my not so liked vegetables namely celery. Its the earthy dull taste that the beetroot creates that I dislike, it makes me feel as if I have licked a whole vegetable garden but all I managed to get in me was the mud. Not pleasant at all. However, yesterday I started to tweak the recipe a bit and realised that adding more oranges made the earthy taste disappear a bit and the juice became quite enjoyable. And today, well today I went bananas and added lemon, lime and orange and !YUM! is all I have to say about that. The drink is now one of my favourites and even though it definitely still taste of beetroot the citrus fruits tend to neutralise the earthy taste, so yeah – ding ding jackpot! In general I have come to the conclusion to add plenty of lemon to any drink to spice them up and make them nicer, I guess this only works if you actually enjoy lemon though.

General feeling: Normal.
Mood: Wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Morning walk 3.2 km
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -2.0 kg

Juice Diary: Day 3


Day three is here and I have (by tomorrow morning) finished the minimum amount of reboot days, which feels wonderful to be able to say. There is so much I would like to tell you about this adventure, but it is difficult to remember everything since I feel as if I meet challenges and overcome them almost every hour. Anyway, yesterday evening was pretty difficult, I had earlier during the day suffered from a rather upset stomach which thankfully seem to have corrected itself by today since everything is back to normal. Thanks very much for that! Other than being quite hungry yesterday and battling an extreme longing to be able to chew something (preferably food then) I must say that this whole experience is going down pretty well. Drinking water, warm, cold – with lemon or pure helps a lot to fend off the hunger between the juices. In all fairness, I actually haven’t been that hungry, its more the thought of food and the idea that I should be hungry that is difficult to accept and leave behind. Eating is very much a social thing right, so not being able to share that with my boyfriend and friends is hard work, I give you that. But since that is all in the mind and not related to my actual body cravings to function properly, I feel as if I should be able to deal with it without giving in. So far so good!


Ok, so let us move on to the truly good stuff! First things first, my skin – OH MY GAWD! – I am not joking, it has only been 3 days but the difference between before reboot and the now is like night and day. I can barely believe it and I find myself looking in the mirror ever so often (maybe I will become horribly vain doing this juice reboot) because I don’t really recognise my own skin anymore. It just looks so much younger, brighter and just a tremendous amount healthier overall. I must say that it is rather shocking in the most amazing way, but at the same time also a bit upsetting since it has made me think a lot about how badly I must have treated my body previously. I am pretty sure that my skin is in “food” and “nutrition” heaven at the moment and I am so very happy that I can provide this energy boost without suffering.


Also, for those of you that suffer from rosacea (I have very mild symptoms) I can tell you that my cheeks now are back to a normal colour, without “spots” (redder areas) and it is soft as a baby’s bottom. I mean come on, if this is the way that my body decides to reward me for doing this reboot – well then who I am to ever go back to misbehaving and torture it again. I tell you, it simply will not happen ever again. So far this reboot has been an eye-opener of great measure, not only have I realised that I don’t actually need all the food that I eat during the day (even the downsized portions are most likely too much food for my body) but I have also fully understood and taken in that I want to treat myself with respect from now on. I still have a lot to learn about being “normal” (when it comes to portion sizes etc) and leading a healthy lifestyle, but I have decided that I want to learn more about cooking nutritious and good food. I also want to make sure to continue with the juicing even after I stop the reboot, but then only as a supplement since I think it is a great way to get a lot of veggies and fruit in your system. I still have many days to go on this reboot – but every day is making me more sure that this has been one of the better things I have ever decided to do in my life, for my life.

General feeling: Normal.
Mood: Awesomely wonderful!
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: Weights & Resistance band exercises.
Headache: Nope.
Weight:  -1.4 kg

Juice Diary: Day 2


Day two and I started this morning with the most yummy (so far) juice of them all, at least according to my taste buds, the drink above contains 3 small pears, 1 red apple, 150 gram blueberries and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. Trust me on this one, this drink is divine, pretty much like eating a delicious apple pie. I must say that there are worse ways to start your morning!

I have just downed another 500 ml of water and will be heading off out for my walk in a moment, a bit cloudy today but that is excellent walking weather anyway so I am happy with that. For the rest of the day I will drink pretty much similar juices that I did yesterday since I bought ingredients for two days, but will change it up for Wednesday and Thursday. I actually thought it was going to be truly difficult to sit in when my boyfriend had dinner last night but it wasn’t very hard at all. Mostly because I wasn’t hungry whatsoever, it is quite puzzling (maybe I am just daft but I find it hard to accept) that my body actually can feel content, sated and perfectly fine only on fluid. Of course it is early days yet and maybe I will have a huge set back in a couple of days, who knows…but so far it has been very doable. The only thing that I am already well aware of is that I will grow sick of drinking fluid, no kidding there!

Unfortunately my walk ended in a small disaster due to high amount of grass and straw pollen which caused my otherwise easy to maintain asthma to kick off properly. Blargh, not happy about that as I had to take my medicine (which I don’t like in particular) and also had to return home as soon as possible since I always feel a bit off after having used the inhaler. Such a waste of a day, and as much as I try my best to enjoy this season (I mean it is truly beautiful) I also find it hard to cope with the pollen and in particular when it ruins my daily walks. Ah well, I am hoping it will rain cats and dogs tonight and it’ll be a bit better tomorrow morning, fingers crossed for that!

General feeling: Normal except for pollen allergy.
Mood: No changes, still wonderful.
Hunger: Sated.
Activity: 1 km as I had to quit due to asthma/pollen.
Headache: Nope.
Weight: Minus 0.7 kg


Juice Diary : Day 1

So it is a new week and the sun has found its way back to the south of Germany but that isn’t the only thing happening this week because this is also my first day of my 5 (alternatively 10) days juice reboot! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this, I just hope that I will be able to do it as well. From what I have read the first 3-4 days are horrible and I can believe it, but after you have managed to push through the first days everything should be rather smooth sailing. I just hope that I will make it past the first day or well honestly, I dread tomorrow the most because I think that day two will be the day when my body truly will start to protest and be like “hey what a minute…where’s the food eh?” and as much as I would love to believe that it wont be a problem whatsoever I am pretty convinced it will be opposite. Anyway, everyone is different and I will simply have to wait and see in what manner my body will react, there is not much else I can do. Exciting though, is it not?


I started my day with an “orange” juice (orange in this case does not mean that there are actual oranges in it, its simply referring to its colour!) containing two applesone lemon and three carrots – depending on the size of the fruit/vegetable you will of course get more or less juice, I try to go for somewhere between 450 ml – 600 ml per serving. My glass in the picture is about 500 ml, which I think is a decent amount of juice in one sitting.


Since the green juice is recommended two times per day, I decided to make for both lunch and dinner at once – I quite like that since it will save me time and cleaning (the juicer does not take very long to clean, but if you have to do it 4-6 times a day it can easily become a bit tedious) and it is perfect to tap it up and keep in the fridge. I actually bought this carafe from the brand Viva Scandinavia and I really like it since its narrow enough to fit nicely in the side of the fridge without taking up too much space. What I didn’t realise when I bought it is that the brand also have a carafe that says “juice” instead of “water” which of course would be even more fitting so I just might invest in a some of those too! Maybe it’s just me, but I love the fact that the lid also come in different colours so I can colour coordinate the juices – very cute in my opinion! 


This green juice is a bit smoother and not so sharp since it doesn’t have any lemon in it, in this greenie I have put fresh spinach leaves (about two handfuls), three cucumbers, two medium sized apples, three small pears and some parsley. As I have mentioned before I am quite the novice when it comes to everything kitchen and cooking related so this is definitely something new and exciting. I suppose juicing cannot really count as cooking per se but it truly is a wonderful way to get a lot of fruit and vegetables in your body in a quick and easy manner. I must also admit that I am still a bit amazed by the amount of juice that you get from only a couple of veggies and fruit, it’s great!


General feeling: Normal so far (its 3.49 pm)
Mood: Wonderful!
Body: Sated.
Activity: 3.2 km morning walk done.


Juicing and rebooting.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the documentaries on Netflix and found the story about Joe Cross amazing weight and juice adventures in Fat, sick and nearly dead extremely motivating and encouraging. I have always been quite negative and not open to trying out detoxes (or reboots as Joe Cross call them) or any other in my opinion “insane diet plan” but I wholeheartedly feel that this documentary helped me to open up my eyes for a whole new way of viewing detoxing and rebooting.

My reason for previously not liking the idea of being on any kind of obscure diet is simply because I don’t want to become a slave under some ideals and diets for the rest of my life. My goal is and will always be to learn how to be “normal” again, in all possible ways – psychologically (post rape) and physically by not over-eating and maintaining a normal weight. But there was something in Fat, sick & nearly dead, that made me see a whole new side to rebooting and its very importance for the body to learn how to stop what you (your body is programmed to do, such as bad eating habits etc) currently are doing and then shock the body (and yourself most likely, I still don’t believe that you actually can prepare yourself for something like this) by detoxing/rebooting by drinking various highly nutritious, freshly home-made fruit and/or vegetable juices for anything between 3 to 20 days (or longer if your medical doctor would agree).


And I like this idea so much because it is not exactly about adapting into a new diet where you have to change your eating habits forever, but instead it is more of a wake up call to the body by saying “Oi! Listen up! We are restarting the system, you hear me metabolism and all other bodily functions that may have slowed down due to me stuffing my face for years”, and there is just something about all this that sits just right with my way of thinking. I truly do believe that you need to do something quite drastic to wake up an overweight and sleepy body, pretty much in the same manner that you have to “shock” the body by introducing a new training routine whenever your muscle (muscle memory etc) have learnt a certain kind of exercise, to be able to continue harvest results.

But it is more than this that I have embraced, oddly enough (seeing that I have been negative towards detoxing before) I really like the idea of giving the body nothing but fluid (you are also allowed to eat salads, soups etc if you would prefer to go down that route instead) full of healthy greenies and fruit. The whole thought behind shocking an overweight body to start over and in the process allow it to start doing its jobb properly again, simply seem perfectly sane and logical to me. I know that my body needs to reboot, I have filled it for far too long with too much crap, no kidding about that part, and I can imagine that it probably would appreciate some kind of reboot like one big chance to a whole new start full of healthy goodies.


The bottom line is: Game on Joe Cross! I am not going to do 60 days like he did, maybe I would need it I really don’t know but I already know that I am not committed enough to be able to do that. Saying that may sound like I am not committed at all but that could not be more wrong, trust me I am totally and overly psyched about juicing! Of course not without reservations, I mean, I am a bit worried that I wont even make it past the first day. I am after going from over-eating (a month ago) to downsizing the portions the past month to almost go cold turkey on juicing alone does not only seem daunting it is bloody terrifying! But I think like this, trying is free and “failing” is nothing but learning, and learning more about how my body function is what I want and need. I would like to teach my body (which I happen to love) that I am not punishing it anymore, I am rewarding it for coping with my many years of misbehaviour and that now, now is finally the time to reboot and start over.


With all this said, I guess it would not hurt if you my dear hearts, could just you know, keep your fingers crossed only a tiny bit for me next week when I intend to start my first 5 day long juicing session. Cheers!

If you are interested in joining in on the (hopefully rewarding fun!) or if you would like some more information about Joe Cross and rebooting with juice, please check out the links below.

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