Breakfast for cold mornings, and training routine is back on!

Shortly after my previous post I caught a cold virus which after a week turned into a horrendous cough. Today is actually one of the first days when I feel back to normal again and I am so very happy about that. I really don’t do being ill, as I am not a very good patient due to my lack of patience. This cold and affiliated side effects came as a big surprise since it must have been well over two years since I caught a cold virus. It has been so long that I somehow also had managed to forget how utterly boring it is to be in ‘house arrest’ and too weak to do just about anything. But I’m not going to bore you with all the details of my past two weeks, because it is all over now and today I have (of course!) been to the gym for an ‘ease back into it’ session. It was lovely! However the gym was a lot easier on the body than the cardio session, but it’s okay as I am not fully back yet. Soon enough I will be able to push it a bit again, cannot wait to hit the roads…or wait, what am I saying? It is 💫trail running💫 time now – woo – no more pollen, perfect autumn air and a forest that is a lot less crowded by people than during the summers.


I do love outdoors running above all else, but honestly guys, this year (at least here in Germany) the weather truly decided to skip out on autumn and instead jump straight into winter temperatures, brr! It is bloody cold outdoors, so very cold that I have decided that it is time to head off to the shops tomorrow and invest in yet another pair of warm running pants. Along with cold mornings my ‘winter breakfast’ has also re-entered my life, warm oatmeal porridge and whichever fruit or berries I may have in the kitchen at the time.

Version 2

Today I decided to use up some American blueberries that were in desperate need of being eaten so it was a perfect match this morning. When it comes to fruit and berries I don’t tend to keep exact measurements as I believe that the immense health benefits outnumbers the potential extra calories. I suppose if you are on a low sugar diet (including fructose) it may be a different story, but I need a little something in my oatmeal to spice it up a bit.


I have to be honest here and tell you that I actually do not love oatmeal porridge like many people do. As a matter of fact I tolerate it and at times I am even able to enjoy it a bit. This may seem a tad strange, why eat something that I don’t love? Well, because I still know that it is healthy for my body and because I know that I have a tendency to eat the same thing every morning far too often. Contrary to what I sometimes try to convince myself; my body does not only appreciate variation it actually depends on it. I wish that I could love oatmeal porridge because it is such an easy and quick breakfast, with numerous health benefits. But its something about the texture of the porridge that sometimes makes me less keen, however it is the ultimate student breakfast as it is rather cheap and you don’t need much to feel perfectly sated. Additionally, in these cold October mornings this breakfast is warm and lovely and I can almost feel how very gentle it is while traveling through my body.


I usually add about three table spoons of cold milk as well, I know that it is not recommended to consume any milk products in the morning if you suffer from Hashimotos. Keeping my milk intake at minimum is therefore important to me personally, but I simply cannot eat oatmeal porridge without milk. I guess it is because it is how I have always ate it since I was a child and my father used to serve it during winter mornings. Perhaps that is yet another reason to why I so stubbornly continue to eat this breakfast, because it is affiliated with a person that is no longer here and as such it is almost like a tribute to him in itself. Who knows, what I do know is that oatmeal is perfect for those days when I need something a bit ‘heavier’ that will keep my body busy and happy for a bit longer. A bowl of oatmeal in the morning can easily keep me going past lunch time if I need to.

Version 2

Anyway, oatmeal porridge may not be my everyday breakfast routine but every now and then it is nice to be able to cook something that is warm, quick and easy. The fact that you can add fruit and berries is a bonus as well, my favourite is actually grated fresh apples and then cinnamon sprinkled on top. Yum! Pretty much like eating an apple pie, or well more or less anyway.

Absence, month of May is bringing me to my knees!

Version 2

May is here and it is my most challenging month of the year since all my final essays are due at the end of this month. I am so busy at the moment I barely have time to breathe, but it is okay I actually quite enjoy working under tight deadlines. As a matter of fact I prefer it, its always been that way for me when it comes to studying. I asked my mum about this once (she used to be a university lecturer) and she said that it is very common among students to wait to the very last minute and that many excel at that point too. Not everyone of course, but many. Now, my current essay writing isn’t done in the very last minute as I have quite some time left, but it is still tight time wise and in particular since I don’t budge on my training schedule (6 days / week). However, I often find that training clears my head and its easier to write efficiently after a morning run compared to staying home a whole day trying to force it out.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I am alive and that I am typing away on my essays while munching on some lovely fruit to keep me going. I am aware that it is awfully silent in here, but I will return in full force at the end of May and then for the entire summer until my third university year starts. I already kind of fear (with more than a bit of excitement though hehe!) the steep workload that awaits next study year, eep!

Back on track | And a fruity treat 365evermore style!

So, we are 12 days into 2016 and I have been utterly busy ever since mid December and until today basically. After a very relaxing Christmas (plenty of lovely gifts, will show you some later on!) and a tremendous New Years Eve I all of a sudden realised that I wanted to re-write my Psychology essay, so yeah, that is what have been occupying me since the start of this year. Perhaps not the best thing in the world to think of the first day of the year but I must admit the final result of my essay was so much better than the first draft. Fingers crossed my tutor and marker will think so too!

Anyway, due to being busy writing away I have only had time to keep up my training routine (been lifting some rather heavy weights in the gym which I currently love doing!) but all the hours sat still writing has also made me skip a cooked lunch a few times and instead indulged in a bowl of yummy fruit! I wanted to show you all since I personally think it is a fantastic thing to do to boost your body with some fabulous vitamins and nutrition. You have to excuse the rather dull colours in these pictures but the weather is horrendously grey and dark which makes it (at least for me and my newbie photograph skills) impossible to take any bright and lovely photos! Hopefully you will enjoy this despite the lack of daylight.Version 2

I start by adding 1 banana (130 gram) and one kiwi (20 gram), this alone looks so yummy that I could eat it at once but since this actually were my lunch today I needed a few more fruits and berries to add up the calorie count. Please do note that this ‘fruity treat’ is a rather ‘hefty’ meal so if you are like me and on a specific calorie amount per day, you need to make sure that you have about 300 calories to spare on top of the meals that you need/would like to eat during the day. As I mentioned before, when I have a ‘resting day’ I tend to remove a cooked (or more heavy) lunch and eat something light such as this ‘fruity treat’ or a simple soup. But I am not a dietician or a health care professional, so whatever works for me may not work at all for you and I cannot stress enough the importance of getting to know your own body and its needs. And if you have special requirements please do consult with your general practitioner.

Version 2

Secondly, I usually add some blueberries (40 gram) because they are awesome for body and mind (follow this link to a previous post about blueberries). I weigh all my food, all the time – I know that some people do not want to do that because they are scared of becoming obsessive and that is a-ok. You need to do what works for you, that is the most important thing. However, since I am on a weight-loss journey and also need to control my food intake to a tee due to my malfunctioning thyroid it is vital for me to be in control of what I eat and how many calories (and vitamins, minerals, nutrition etc) it contains. Simple as that really!

Version 2Lastly I add one orange (200 gram) because it makes it juicy and lovely and this time of the year is perfect for indulging in oranges since they are sold in abundance in the shops. Unless you cannot stand the white part (the pith) of the orange, then do leave it on since it actually contains the same amount of c-vitamins as the flesh itself but perhaps more importantly also contains pectin. Pectin is a soluble dietary fiber carrying the potential to lower serum cholesterol and act as an immune system stimulant among many other things. I am a bit of an ‘odd ball’ and actually love the pith, I always used to ask my parents for theirs when I was a child. So yeah, do keep it on if you do not mind it – it should definitely not be considered waste anyway!

Version 2

This is basically it, I sometimes add a bit of organic mild natural yoghurt, usually full fat because I do not eat much milk products. I am allergic to almonds so I cannot eat any products based on that, but if you can I am sure you can use some almond milk (yoghurt if that even exists) or quark if you prefer that. Anyway, this is my ‘fruity treat’ according to 365evermore! This lovely bowl of goodies ended up on 278 calories, included in that calculation is 20 gram (a bit more than one table spoon) of organic natural yoghurt. Yum!

Student snack | Winter vitamin boost!

After todays hike in the forest (windy, but lovely! Check out my twitter for picture) and reheating my body with an amazingly delicious tomato soup, I decided to boost myself with some fruity vitamins. Since I had bought some natural yoghurt the other day I decided to gently mix it up with the fruit. I never add any sugar or anything like that when I eat fruit, totally unnecessary – our taste buds do not crave sugar naturally, but we can teach our bodies to do so by constantly indulging in less good options. Personally I prefer to stay with the natural taste of fruit they are certainly sweet enough and it also allows me to truly taste all its magnificent flavours.

Version 2

Most of the time I reach for what we have at home and create a little snack during study breaks, it is a perfect activity to distract my mind from the many psychological theories and methods that I currently am trying to memorise. I love my field of study, it fits me like a glove – but it is important to remember to fuel the body and brain. Fruit is a perfect snack to reach for instead of sweets and with all the health benefits of lovelies such as kiwifruit (just look at that gorgeous green colour, swoon!) associated with beautiful skin, better sleep, healthy heart, lowering blood pressure and for those of you that suffer from constipation or “slow digestion” kiwifruit, much like tomato (never underestimate the beauty that is tomato and its link to healthy bowels), also have a mild laxative effect.Version 2

I also added one banana which adds numerous health benefits but also contributes with its natural sweetness simply divine when mixed with the raspberries more edgy flavour and the ‘sourness’ of the organic natural yoghurt (about 2 tablespoons). Trust me this does not only make my taste buds perform cartwheels of joy it is also extremely refreshing and the perfect reboot of my brain before I return to my books. Additionally, what could be better to digest at this time of the year when everyone is catching colds from left and right. A december vitamin boost for the immune system provided by phenomenal fruit. I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of anything more boring than having a dreaded cold during the holidays, much better to prepare as much as possible and hopefully stay healthy!

Version 2

If this does not get your juices flowing and you are actually reading these last lines while rummaging through the fridge and fruit basket then I do not know what you are made of! Go and indulge, you will not regret it I can promise you that! ♧