About 365evermore

365evermore is a blog about choosing life, to love the life that I have and work hard towards leading an active and healthy life 365 days of the year. I chose the name 365evermore because it represents my personal belief about doing things wholeheartedly and understanding that results can only be achieved by dedication and determination on a long term basis. I believe that any major life changing (and saving) decision that you make has to be considered forever lasting and not a quick fix for the time being. I am on a weight-loss journey and have been for quite some time, life is not always giving and I have certainly had my share of difficult obstacles to deal with on top of the constant fight for continued weight-loss. But I believe in myself and more than anything I believe in my own ability to make this work as long as I make it happen. I do not believe in short-term diets and short cuts and I dislike the stress that media and society put on overweight (and normal weight) people to achieve goal weight within an unrealistically short amount of time. Instead I would like to promote healthy eating and the concept that weightloss and training is a life long journey and a lifestyle that I have only just started but that I will be enjoying for the rest of my life. And that is the idea behind 365evermore,  it is  a commitment to a lifestyle that has no expiration date, a journey which is  valid and lasts for 365 days of the year and evermore.

Lastly, 365evermore is my space and place to learn how to take a properly deep breath and rise again and above everything that does not breathe positive thinking and a life-loving attitude. This is my safe haven, and as such my greatest accomplishment and this is my attempt to keep some kind of diary of my thoughts, loves, trials and tribulations in my journey to become a healthier and even more positive me.


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