Sometimes you simply have to cartwheel your way out of excuses and regrets

I am currently in the midst of writing up my last two assignments for this study year. I know that I have said it before but this year has been THE beast of a year as far as a studying goes anyway. The previous years have been rather easy and extremely enjoyable in comparison to this one. I know that a huge reason for my struggles is due to the fact that I ended up doing a course outside of the traditional psychology degree modules. This decision is something I have regretted so many times over the past (study)year. However as  we all know, wasting valuable energy on regrets is rather pointless and even more so when there is very little I could have done to change my situation.  Sometimes you simply have to cartwheel your way out of excuses and regrets and get down to the nitty-gritty.

And here I am, two assignments away from wrapping this year up and I could not be happier about finally being able to see the finishing line in the distance. Naturally these last two assignments are tremendously important and require all of my focus. Thus continued silence here may be expected for a while longer I’m afraid. But at least the end is near and I have never before been more sure of where I belong when it comes to academic fields. Psychology is all that I am, all that I breathe and the discipline I simply cannot fall out of love with. Cannot wait to be back with my fellow psychology students next year and then throw myself out there – into the world!

Anyway guys, the weather is stunning here in the south of Germany and all I want to do is go outside and catch that lovely sunlight. Heal from the inside and out, far too many hours have been spent indoors writing up assignments and reading numerous research articles. My body and mind is craving the warmth of the sun all over my body as well as some sweaty sessions in the gym and exhaustingly long hikes in the gorgeous forest. But first;  finishing these assignments and subsequently celebrating finishing this year by heading off to Barcelona for some relaxation and touristing. Cannot wait, simply cannot wait for summer to begin!


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