Stuck in the world of my essay

I am still working on my beast of an assignment, cannot get over how difficult I find this course in general. Since I have a background in two different fields, ethnology (arts/cultural) and gender studies (social science) I have felt rather confident in the conception that I would be able to adapt to most course work. But I have most definitely been proven wrong as I am struggling a lot with this course. Childhood studies eh, how can it be so complicated? I believe that my foremost problem is the collision between my psychological approach (a tad more positivism) experimental design and methods which my BSc is mainly concerned with and the Childhood studies focus on interpretivism and/or constructionism paradigms. Do not get me wrong, I realise the utter importance of highlighting children and young people’s own understandings and interpretations of their social world. But it is rather difficult to get my head around this fields lack of acceptance of experimental research on and with children and young people.

I still believe quite strongly, that both quantitative and qualitative research carries its own value and place. Most of the time I do prefer a mixed approach as it does provide valuable information from both sides, but funding and time is not something that many researchers have in abundance which subsequently results in some researchers and sub-fields specialising in different directions. But most of all I simply do not understand the extreme disapproval from the field I am currently studying. It has been a bitter pill to swallow many times when reading and realising that some of the theories and methods I have grown to love over the years are viewed as appalling and not at all an appropriate way to approach research with children and young people. I am simply too deep into the science field in general to completely change my view on these topics. Having a scientific researcher (field of genetics) as my partner also contributes to my love and understanding of the quantitative and experimental field of research. Thus my current course provides a rather steep learning curve and a harsh curve ball to juggle as my heart is firmly placed in psychological research (and natural sciences) and most likely will remain there. Anyway, I am struggling, that is what I wanted to say. Thus, not much brain space left to write about training or food at the moment. But after Wednesday I will be back at it again, yey!


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