Sunshine and gym

After days of grey weather I could not be more delighted by the sight of the sun gently caressing the wall outside my kitchen window. I woke up at 7 this morning but have had a rather lazy day so far, made some banana pancakes as we had  a few bananas which needed to eaten, such a terrible chore right? Not! So I have spent an hour in the kitchen enjoying the sunlight outside while mentally preparing myself head off to the gym to lift some weights. I long for these days and today is no exception. After my gym I will have a repeat of yesterdays lunch and then back to my essay planning. Tomorrow I will begin writing with hopes of finishing it all off before the end of this week. It is not a very extensive essay, only 2000 words, so it should not take too long. But I sometimes find that the shorter word count you are given the more work you have to put into it as the concise writing style requires complete understanding and planning of each paragraph. This is a skill that I feel like I am still developing when it comes to writing in English as it is not my native language, luckily I enjoy the process so hopefully I will feel content with my effort at the end of this degree. It is hard to believe that I only have one year left after this one, how did that even happen? Mind boggling indeed! 


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