Cauliflower medallions and simple salad lunch

Tuesday and I have had a cardio day at the gym which was lovely. Horrendous weather here though, hence the difficulties in finding a ‘nice’ natural light for photos. The photo (above) of todays lunch, two cauliflower medallions and simple salad (cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber) looks grey and dull instead of appetising! But trust me, it was delicious and exactly what I needed when I returned back home wet and miserable from the storm outside. I found these cauliflower medallions in our supermarket last weekend and decided to try them out. Naturally it would be easy enough to make these on my own, but sometimes it is lovely to be able to throw something into the oven quick and simple allowing me time to attend other tasks while it cooks. It is okay to be lazy too, in particular when my days are a tad too busy as it is. During the weeks my life certainly is a bit of a Tetris game when it comes to fit everything in nicely and yet maintain all needed routines such as food, training, studying and work.

Oh, I almost forgot! My better half and I actually started this morning with some yoga – we have decided to get back into it after a year long break (oof!). I cannot say that I have missed it too much but I know how important it is and how quickly it improves flexibility and own body strength. So we have decided to try it out twice a week to start with and even though our furry friend (this one!) seemed to think it was absolutely needless to do this and instead spent his time trying to get our attention, I do feel like it was a fabulous way to start my day. Must admit that I was a tad stiff from my rather heavy gym day yesterday though haha…!

Anyway, I best get back to my essay writing, or rather essay planning at this stage. I love the SimpleMind app when it comes to mind mapping and structuring my thoughts before I start typing up my essays. I also used this app a lot when I was revising for my examination last year it was a great way to check if I remembered theories, researchers, year of publications etc. Anything and everything which helps when studying is fantastic as long as its within the realm of what is allowed.


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