Sunday Summary (Y18#2)

Sunday summary is officially back in the mix now that a new year has begun! I have had a great start in January and I am back enjoying the gym to the fullest. I am still working on getting my ‘everyday’ step count up a tad more (average 15k steps per day at this point) but it is difficult when I have to spend so many hours in front of the computer reading and writing up various assignments for my university studies. At times I also believe that ‘enough is enough’ because you can only do so much and training should be fun and not solely a hunt for steps or similar.

Food wise I am fully back on my former food regime, meaning low carbohydrates, high protein and moderate fat intake (sticking to coconut oil, avocado, salmon etc) and plenty of tap water to keep me going. I have also decided to cut out most ‘treats’ even if its a celebration as I just really want to go all in this time. Not that I ‘treated’ myself all that often 2017 but for me it is just easier to draw a distinct line and stick to it. I know that many health professional say that have too stern rules is a recipe for disaster but my brain seem to respond better to restrictions and complete change of habits and routines than a mix of allowing myself now and then and then go strict for the rest. I guess I just like things to be orderly and it helps me to drop any potential ‘craving’ which I find can be ignited by a more flexible approach towards dietary routines. But as I said everyone is different and what works for me may be completely wrong for you. After all it has taken me a long time to reach this realisation haha!

Weight wise not too much has happened, as I mentioned in previous post I gained 3 kgs over Christmas holidays and 2 of those are now gone. I was hoping to be closer to being rid of all 3 but unfortunately it has not happened. Luckily I know that it is just my body responding (monthly cycle etc) as I have done a perfect amount of training this week and food as been on pointe! I find that that the most important thing when hitting a temporary ‘status quo’ is to remain positive and not get downhearted about it. The weight will change as long as I stay focused and fight for it and that is my plan exactly.


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