2018, here we go!

I have spent Christmas and New Years with loved ones and properly soaked up ‘family time’ and simply relaxing. Perhaps not the best for my training regime as the days spent at the gym has been cut down to 1-2 instead of 5-6 per week. But its okay, I believe that I needed it not only because I managed to catch a cold which I had to recover from but also because I was pretty exhausted after a stressful few months. But I am back up on my feet again, fully rested – unfortunately 2 kg heavier but not much I can do about that. I did not watch my food as much as I was hoping during Christmas but once again, it was a choice I made and I was fully aware of the consequences. Naturally it is a bit frustrating now having to spend two weeks trying to get rid of these unnecessary kilos but I do not believe that there is much point in punishing yourself for decisions which have already been executed. Thus, I am now back on track – heading off to the gym in a minute and truly looking forward to working up a sweat and begin lifting again. I have already changed my diet back to a more modest and sensible one without fast carbs – as that is most likely what created my “weight hic-up”. As such I feel like I have some evidence indicating that for me a low-carb diet is a definite must at this stage in my life if I want to continue to lose weight. Anyway, 2018 – I am looking forward to taking you on!


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