Refreshing warm lemon water and psychology thoughts.

I have spent the morning reading and writing down notes on various ideas for the next essay. It may sound odd to some, but I truly love the process of learning. I enjoy processing the information and allowing myself plenty of time to digest all new theories and concepts. When I used to study ethnology we were often told by our lecturers to not rush reading or learning. They argued that digesting the new is an imperative part of learning, remembering and to develop a deeper understanding of what is new. Many years later, and once again a student within a new field, I still agree.

Thus having a quiet morning before heading off to the gym, sipping on some hot water with lemon while taking on the reader is more of a precious moment than an necessary evil. Studying and learning should be about fun and an eager to achieve new ideas which at times may take you on a rollercoaster challenging your former beliefs. And other times it will confirm your former ideas allowing you to dwell deeper into its complexity. I have changed stance on many topics over the years, first as a newbie university student, later on while venturing into the gender studies field to develop a greater understanding of feministic theories and history (best gift I have given to myself, to this date!) and lastly while working in qualitative research and experiencing the field. I believe that all the life stories I have had the enormous privilege to listen to have made me a better person, more humble towards the difficulties many face and tremendously grateful for the many opportunities that I have had and still have.

Psychology has always been a dream of mine, not that I fully understood what it was truly about before I begun my studies. I was rather naive, thinking it would be a lot more qualitative with a main focus on therapeutic elements rather than experiments, evaluations and statistics. I have grown wiser over the years, but admittedly I still have a lot left to learn. Psychology studies is a humongous journey to take on, not only the educating part, but also the personal one. Every chapter seem to tell me something about myself which I did not already now. Allowing me to develop and I love that about this field, it is not merely about the people that are being investigated, it is also about the people that are investigating with – the cooperation between subjects and my own very personal development within it all.

Needless to say, I cannot wait to learn more. And I cannot wait to finally hit the finishing line and be able to practice. But I have learnt to keep the scope close and even though dreams and goals are paramount for keeping the spirit up, the now is equally important. To remain grounded and focused is key to success in my opinion, and I am determined to succeed.


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