A splash of colour!

I found these colourful beauties in the veg shop earlier today and simply couldn’t resist! As my parents in law are visiting and we all are vegetarians it is nice to be able to serve something that is a bit different and a splash of colour is always welcome. I love that my parents in law converted to vegetarianism in ‘old age’ and that they ended up loving it. They have now been vegetarians for at least 10 years and still going strong.  

When it comes to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and goitrogenic foods such as cauliflower I tend to consume it with some caution. Meaning that I do eat ‘goitrogenic’ food such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, strawberries and soy products, but I consume them with moderation. Since the advice concerning this seem to vary from one doctor to another, I simply decided to follow the ideas that made most sense to me. My personal belief is that these products contain far too many health benefits to cut them out completely, in particular as a vegetarian. Naturally I would stop eating them if my medical scans or anything along those lines would reveal additional problems linked to my intake of these food groups but I doubt that it ever would happen. But again, let me clarify, I am not a medical or health professional. Thus, if you are unsure what would work for you, always consult with your endocrinologist, dietician/nutritionist or any other specialist involved in your life. It is always better to be safe than sorry! 

Other than that I am thoroughly  enjoying the week with my parents in law. It is always so relaxing to have them here as they are the coolest people I know. We simply hang out, go on shopping sprees in the city where we live, eat plenty of food and watch numerous tv-shows in the evenings while catching up on everything that has happened since we last saw each other. Naturally we keep in touch via FaceTime in the weeks even when they are not here, but its not the same as being in the same room and being able to hug each other and simply spend time together. It is a true blessing indeed and  I feel tremendously privileged to have such wonderful parents in law with whom I can be myself always.

Along with all the socialising, I am also trying to balance my  training and some studying. To fit in my training is not particularly difficult as both of my parents in law are avid gym-goers (my mother in law is training for yet another marathon, she already has a few under her belt!) and would never dream of questioning why I would like to spend a couple of hours at the gym. It is a (training) lifestyle we all share and love and it goes without saying that a daily visit to the gym is more or less mandatory. Studying-wise I handed in my first assignment for this study year last week and I am now reading and planning for the next one. I hope that I will be able to finish it up before Christmas so I can hang out with my fiancé when he has time off from work during the holidays. Fingers crossed!


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