Sunday Summary (Y17#45)

Not too much to report this week, the weight loss have been a bit slower but thats okay my body tend to have a few slow phases and then it drops a bigger number all of a sudden. I don’t worry about these things as long as I know that my training routine has been okay and dietary recommendations followed to a tee. Its just how my body seem to function, and being a woman there is also a few more monthly hiccups (ovulation, pre-period, period) to take into account when it comes to a (non)steady weight loss. And of course, I have Hashimoto’s the diagnosis from hell when it comes to achieving weight loss. Slow as a sloth is the word!

I am always amazed by people who simply seem to drop the weight with very little effort. Of course there may be a huge difference in losing weight when you do not have a medical condition, but it still makes me speechless whenever I stumble upon these kind of weight loss entries. Perhaps because a part of me have serious doubts to whether the presented weight loss journey actually was that easy in reality. A downside with our contemporary world and social media is the obsession with showcasing perfection and over the top positivity as a means to reach our goals. Statements such as; ‘think positively and beautiful things will happen to you‘ seem to be taking over rational thinking. The reality of plenty of hard work behind every sucess or goal met, seem to be forgotten in favour of positive thinking and ideas that success ‘will happen’ if you encourage the correct line of thoughts. I suppose most people know that very little, to not say nothing, will happen unless you work hard for it. And I do not think that weight loss is an exception to that rule, it does not simply happen by introducing minor changes lasting for a short amount of time. To achieve results, a lifestyle change is a must including overseeing and adjusting (if need be) current diet and increasing the weekly hours spent exercising on a level which fits body mass, age, gender, interest and future goals.

I stumbled upon the picture below last year and I absolutely love it. The iceberg illusion is a powerful way to demonstrate the many different elements involved to succeed. But also the most important part, what many people tend to focus on is the achieved success only and then ignore the many hardships and long journey it took to get there.

Pic credit: @sylviaduckworth

However, I have a friend who also struggle with overweight (25kg+), she hates everything related to training and also have some social phobia which makes it difficult to face training facilities and in particular if she’s alone. Naturally this makes you think that it then would be quite hard for her to drop weight, but whenever she adjusts her diet a tad she begins to lose a significant amount of weight quickly. This notion is unknown territory to me, since it simply doesn’t work for me. Solely changing my diet does nothing for me, and I think it is because my diet wasn’t that bad to begin with. In my case it was the lack of movement that was the main problem. I mean, I even tried the ‘juice diet’ once and next to nothing happened. My inner Hashimoto’s do not tolerate stuff like that, not a chance! But in the case of my friend, it makes me wonder if she would be able to drop all her excessive kilos by simply watching her food (and I do not mean starving herself!) or if it would only work for a while. I strongly suspect that she would have to add exercise at some point during her weight journey.

Unfortunately my friend has never been able to keep up the diet, and that has been her ultimate downfall, at least for now. Personally I think that dietary changes in relation to weight loss, are difficult to keep if its not combined with some kind of exercise. It does not have to be a full on going to the gym 5 days per week, it can be simple changes such as walking 5 km every morning or after work. Decisions such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator may not have an immediate effect but over time it will make a difference. Everyday movement is key in my book and when I previously used to sigh when the bus was cancelled I now view it as an opportunity to get my blood flowing and earn some steps. I believe that small changes like that  can be a kickstart into rewiring the brain to start enjoying exercising and results will encourage these emotions further.  Anyway, when it comes to my friend I hope that she will make it one day as she truly deserves it. However, the harsh truth is, weight loss do not happen simply because someone deserves it. It happens due to a lot of hard work and determination on a daily basis. For me, I just hope that my determination is big enough to ride out the storm and subsequently succeed in my efforts.


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