No rest for the wicked!

Finally Friday and after my resting day / study day yesterday it’ll be lovely to stretch out properly at the gym and then lift some weights. Most part of yesterday was spent battling my essay, its coming together nicely now even though I have yet to start writing. But the writing part is usually what goes quite quick for me once I have all themes and structure in place. Since I am studying part-time this year due to studying German as well the pace is rather nice in comparison to last year. However, the requirements have increased tremendously so it doesn’t feel like the less stressful schedule is helping all that much. But I cannot complain really, this is my dream and every study year is bringing me closer to exactly where I want to be within the field of psychology. Being able to study is a blessing, and every time I feel a bit meh about it all I think about an interview with two young boys in the UK who were asked the question;  if they could wish for anything in the whole world what would they then wish for? And their response was; I wish we could afford to buy more books for school so I could keep up with my classmates.   That was one of many interviews which not only made me cry due to the unfairness of our world but it also made me fully realise how spoilt and privileged I am and what an ugly thing it is to whine about too much work or studying when some children aren’t even given the opportunity to attend the most basic education.

Reality checks like that highlights the importance to keep the right focus no matter what I do – positivity is important but not always a necessity (our society is way too focused on a fake facade of positivity and perfection, to the extent where research within psychology now start to report a possible link between this behaviour and the development of mood and mental disorders) but gratefulness is always required in my book. I will always remember that interview and I will always remind myself of that interview. Poverty is not going anywhere soon and to hear two young boys asking for literature for their studying because their parents could not afford it, simply broke my heart. It is an unfair world we live in and I for one hope that I am able to give back enough to show how tremendous my appreciation is for the opportunities I have been given. And with those thoughts in my mind, I am now going to pack my gymbag and head off to raise some energy levels to prepare myself for more studying this afternoon!

Have a lovely Friday, the weekend is here! 


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