All systems go, the results of determination!

Early morning and I am heading off to the gym for a weight session before I have to hurry back home to wait for the delivery of a package. I love that going to the gym is second nature to me and that I rarely lack motivation to get it done. As a matter of fact I don’t really feel quite complete unless I have done my daily routine and raised my pulse a tad. It has become as vital to me as breathing. Naturally the current benefits such as noticing how my body is responding and cooperating with these efforts is a tremendous boost to never miss a session. It is simply beautiful to notice the changes to my body shape and condition (I have been on this food and training schedule since mid July) not only on the scale but also when measuring myself. There are plenty of centimetres disappearing all over my body to my great enjoyment. Ever since I became big I have disliked my arms, they have been the sin I have been ‘hiding’ the most of all parts of my body. I know it may sound sad to have such negative feelings about my own body, but I don’t think I ever will come to terms with this new ‘body suit’ which I have provided myself with. I miss my former body and am willing to work hard to get back to something similar, not exactly the same but a place where I feel comfortable again. Despite not currently loving my arms in particular I must say that the hard work lifting weights in the gym is starting to pay off and for that I am tremendously grateful! Naturally I have a long way to go yet, but the small wins are equally important as the bigger goals met. My next weight goal is 2kg away and then I have reached 3 out of 10 goals, 10 being my ultimate goal weight achieved. I still don’t ‘trust’ what is going on and fully expect it all to stop any day, but until then, I wake up and all systems GO!


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  1. Completely relatable. I’m happy for you that it has become second nature, it’s a hard road to get it to that point.

    1. 365evermore says:

      Thank you ever so much! I think it is easier when training and being active have been a huge part of my life since I was very young, its in my blood so to speak. It just became a lot more difficult to keep up when the weight started to pile on and I had to give up on favourite activities such as running. But I suppose its all about finding alternatives which are equally enjoyable as I do believe that enjoying what you do is key to whatever you are trying to excel at. Anyway thanks for stopping by!

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