Let’s get this week started – off to the gym!

Seeing that it is mere 3 degrees outside today I am one happy girl knowing that I have a newly purchased thick and long coat waiting for me to jump into when I head off to the gym. I don’t live too far from my training centre, but it does require a bit of a wait for the bus outside in the cold. Post gym I tend to have emptied out my energy resources and I am in need of food thus naturally quite cold. A warm coat with a hood (important when facing icy winter winds!) is lovely indeed. Anyway, looking forward to my gym session today, I am currently trying to sort out my sleeping pattern as I will start a new German course on 20th November and need to get up a lot earlier than I am used to. But it’ll be great, I am naturally a morning person so its just a matter of getting into the routine. These two upcoming weeks will be busy as I have an essay to hand in on the 23rd and my in-laws arriving from the UK the same day staying for a week. Cannot wait to see them, but regret that I will be very busy when they are here. However, I will try my best to make sure that we will get enough time to hang out and enjoy each others company despite my busy schedule. Anyway, lets get this Monday started shall we – I am off to the gym to raise the pulse and lift some heavy weights!


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