New in : Adidas, training performance hoodie!

November is here, winter is coming and along with that a very cold gym. I have been on the look out for a hoodie which is light enough to fit into my small Alexander Wang  gym-bag which I carry with me into the gym during training sessions. I like to have my asthma medication at hand because I have had the unfortunate asthma attack a couple of times in my former gym and having to fiddle with lockers and searching through the rucksack is far from ideal in such stressful situations. Thus, I store my asthma medication and a few other bits and bobs such as chewing gum, hairband, lip balm, a small soft fibre towel for my face in my ‘carry-into-the-gym”-bag. However, since the bag is rather small, I needed a hoodie which wasn’t as thick as a normal cotton hoodie and thus would fit into the bag whenever I wasn’t wearing it. Because, truth be told, most of the time in the gym I am warm (hot, hot hot!) and I am by no means in need of an extra layer. Therefore I was absolutely delighted when I found this beauty from Adidas as it ticks all the boxes being just right. It is a very light and lovely fabric, which allows circulation but yet keeps me warm enough between the sets, I absolutely love it!

If you are interested in the hoodie, it is actually reduced at the moment, so hurry up and grab one in your size! Here!


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