If it tastes too good to be true then it probably is!

So I have been watching my food the past week as I have had a bit too much ‘fun’ as of late. Not in a crazy manner, but we have had friends over and naturally there have been a few dinners out and about. It does make it a tad more difficult to ‘control’ what goes into each meal when I don’t prepare it myself. On top of that, my parents in law sent some early Marks & Spencer Halloween sweets which I (we) simply could not resist haha! They were so yummy, but certainly not good from a Hashimoto and weight loss perspective. But you know, sometimes its okay to indulge a bit because its not the occasional ‘treat days/meals’ per se that are dangerous, it is the time it takes to bounce back afterwards. I used to be hopeless when it came to this, if I had one day of eating less good then my brain would immediately think it was okay to continue to do so. Subsequently making it next to impossible to bounce back into healthy habits. Nowadays I am okay with having dinner out once in a while (usually once a month) and the next day go back to my personal eating schedule. It is a fantastic feeling to have managed to find a balance in this as I really want to be able to treat myself occasionally without the worry of falling off the wagon so to speak.

However, lately my fiancé and I have been enjoying a meal consisting of steamed broccoli (yum!), vegetarian nuggets (quorn) and a curry sauce. I have been somewhat bonkers about this sauce, it is that good! Good in the sense that please allow me to lick the pots and pans and I suppose this should’ve raised a warning flag when it comes to what the actual ingredients are. It wasn’t until a week ago when I was starting to wonder why my weight had once again reached a status quo no matter what I did training or diet wise. Or well, so I thought.

My training is perfect at the moment, so I knew that there was absolute nothing there that could be the reason to why my weight was stubbornly stuck. Thus I begun to backtrack my diet the past weeks and firstly realised that I had been consuming too much cheese lately. Cheese is one of my greatest food loves, and definitely something I struggle to stay away from. I simply love it, and the only reason to why I avoid it is because it does not go hand in hand with my weight loss journey. Therefore, one of my newest dishes, a gorgeous broccoli, tomato, leek,  egg, creme fraiche and blue cheese gratin sadly had to go.

It was somewhere in all this that I realised that I should read up on the ingredients and energy/calories on the curry sauce as it was yet another rather new thing that we have enjoyed lately. And that was when I had the equivalent of a small heart attack..! Naturally the reason to why this curry sauce tastes so unbelievable good is the amount of sugar (!) and other crappy things they have stuffed in it, yikes! I mean what is the deal with all this sugar in pre-made products? I know, it does make it taste better…but really, it is not good for anyone! To put it bluntly, I had ‘over-ate’ almost 300 calories in curry sauce alone which is a heck of a lot. Because 300 calories equals a whole meal in my current diet haha! So with these realisations, it was pretty clear why my weight had been stuck. Therefore this week has been a tad more strict as I have returned  to lean, lean, lean eating –  plenty of salads and vegetables, plenty of good protein and fat (avocado, salmon galore!) and training as per usual. And lo and behold my weight has so far dropped a bit over a 1 kg….let the trend continue s’il vous plaît! So the moral of the story, if something which you have not cooked from scratch tastes too good to be true, then yeah sadly, it probably is! And subsequently, it most likely is not very good for you if you are on a weight loss journey.

My new ambition is to learn how to make a yummy, spicy curry sauce from scratch! That is a challenge if any, as I am not a very good chef as I have mentioned many times before. If you have any advice please share!


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