Sunday Summary (Y17#40)

This week has been all about bouncing back from last weeks illness. It’s been lovely to finally get back into the groove of lifting weights and spending time on the various cardio machines. I have got this idea into my head that I want to do a 4 hours long session on the cross-trainer at some point. It is not really a goal per se, but more something that I just want to do and have done. Ever since I had to stop running a couple of months ago, the cross-trainer has become my best companion. Rather funny in a way since I used to despise this cardio machine with a passion, it simply was not for me. But now, it has become second nature and I could not imagine a cardio session without having a proper go at it. It is easy to love though as it is lean enough on my body to allow longer sessions and yet providing the possibility to control elevation and resistance. So naturally this perhaps (?) somewhat mad thought entered my mind; “Maybe I should do a 4 hours session on this machine!”started to pop up in my mind each time I spend time on the cross-trainer. And I have not been able to escape this idea since, as a matter of fact a former PT of mine did a friendly gym competition on a cross-trainer once and it was a lot of fun to watch.  So I suppose the idea may not be all that far out after all, or at least I hope it is not because it certainly is on my agenda at this point. Admittedly it may take a while until I am prepared to do it but I am looking forward till the day it will be on the cards.  At the moment I handle 2 hours on the cross-trainer without a problem and as such I believe it should be doable in not too long if all goes well. A bit exciting isn’t it?


Other than that the week has been alright, I have been to the gym 5 days and been okay food wise. However, next week I am planning to change my food and focus on a bit leaner eating again. Not saying that I eat particularly ‘bad’ at the moment, but I would like to see a bigger drop in weight next Sunday compared to what has been happening lately. Naturally it has been a tad slow since I have been ill and that is a-ok. I just don’t want this slow drop-rate to become a trend and as such I think its time to shock my body a bit. Anyway, I will write a separate entry on my weight gain and subsequent weight loss (all very much related to Hashimoto’s, of course, the evil of all evils!) at some point because it deserves a bit of an explanation!


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