A day off!

Raw juice in the pic above: 3 small pears, 1 red apple, 150 gram blueberries and some cinnamon sprinkled on top!

It is a public holiday in Germany today celebrating the reunification of Germany, as such everything is closed so instead of heading to the gym I have had a full day of studying. Admittedly, this resting day may have been for the best, as I returned to the gym yesterday after a whole week of illness and my body is feeling rather rough today. I probably should have started out a bit slower but once back in the gym I got all fired up and could not help myself! It was a true joy to be back into motion and work up a sweat! It is hard to describe how much I miss being active when I cannot due to illness or some other reason. I quite quickly start to feel a bit down, restless and demotivated. In a way I suppose it is a good thing, as these feelings contribute tremendously to me getting things done when it comes to training. It has also made it possible develop this great infatuation with training and being active in general. But on the other hand it is also slightly disturbing since I do not want to be that dependent on being active to sustain a balance between body and mind. Naturally I understand the science behind feelings of happiness and accomplishments in relation to training and the reward system in our brain. And maybe the explanation is that ‘simple’, but I would like to think that it is also a state of mind free from the chemically produced feelings. That some of us simply love to be and crave to be active because it is a forward movement. And not necessarily in a geographical sense, but rather a mental one, by doing something actively which involves ‘exhausting’ the body – time does not simply disappear it is made. And there is something about that, which makes me feel at ease in ways that other activities do not.

Nonetheless, tomorrow I am off to the gym again but before that I am seeing my thyroid doctor to find out my latest blood test results. Hopefully everything is okay and I can remain on the same dosage without more experimentations. I don’t know if it is some kind of placebo, but I do feel rather off each time the dosage is changed. Not instantly, but after a while – this time I have had a few headaches back plus aching eyes every now and then. All of this was gone on my previous dosage, so it will be interesting to see what the numbers say tomorrow.


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