To listen to my body.

I caught a virus last weekend and have been trying to take it easy and relax allowing my immune system a fair chance to deal with the situation. I have tried my best to rest up properly even though all I want to do is be active. It is the toughest lesson to learn when my natural habitat is in the gym sweating away. But I have realised in the last few years that resting up properly before rushing back to training is the best remedy for me to remain healthy for most part of the year. Perhaps Hashimoto has been the biggest influence in relation to teaching me how to and when to listen my body when it is trying to communicate with me in its own language. I cannot claim to be fluent in its language just yet, but I am learning. And I am listening, attentively.

Slowing down and cutting out exercise also gives me an opportunity to evaluate how the balance between training and my current diet is working out. Since I am on a weight loss journey I like to see numbers pointing somewhat downwards despite not training since my hope is that diet is the biggest contributor. This is an important point to me since I won’t always be able to devote this much time to lengthy training sessions nor keep up the amount of sessions. As such my current training schedule (5 days per week minimum) is a much temporary schedule which at some point in the future will be exchanged for less sessions per week with different focus (HIT for instance). Therefore it is particularly important to me to know that I am  on the right track working towards a perfect balance between my food intake and exercise  or as it is in this case, the lack thereof.


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