Tuesday is here and I am in love with the gym.

Tuesday already, I have had a grand start to the week though. Yesterdays gym session went swimmingly and I managed to add weights to some of my sets. It is a huge win when that can happen and I still can sustain a controlled movement and work the correct muscle group(s). I love to lift heavy weights, I cannot explain why but it does something to me. It makes me feel enough  if that makes sense, as in look I can hold my own. The great benefits of lifting weights in general, is not only becoming stronger but also and perhaps more importantly strengthening your inner corset and subsequently enjoy a much improved posture. I love how strong my body is these days, it is noticeable in the way I walk and sit. I do not slouch anymore, and it is a fantastic feeling because it oozes of bodily power and self-worth. At least to me. I know that there are many women and girls who are petrified of bulking up but in all honesty, I would rather have visible muscles and be strong than not. It is great to be able to carry my own groceries without having to ask for help. To have strong wrists, hands, fingers, ankles, legs, back, stomach – yeah, you guessed it, a strong body. I believe that the benefits of this bodily strength also translates into our mental state, affecting our views and our feeling of self worth. It often has a way to positively affects our self-concept in relation to ourselves and others, and it provides a sensation of joy and fulfilment. Therefore, go to the gym, work out – work hard, and you will not be disappointed.


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