Resting day.

Three days of training are now done for this week and the first resting day is finally here before I take on the two last training sessions. I have just finished eating my oatmeal and I am currently trying to convince myself to face the downpour outdoors and head off to town. I am not too tempted to say the least! The sad thing is I actually have a lovely day ahead of me, or rather, the plans are lovely. First I have my hair appointment followed by clothes (training mainly) shopping and lastly I have to stock up on some food. Not too bad, but the weather…what happened to the amazing weather? The temperature has gone from sunny 30ºC straight down to 12ºC and constant raining in a matter of days. I was certainly not prepared for this, but I suppose autumn is here early and I best get used to it. It usually is one of my favourite seasons, so it should not be a problem.  Anyway, best get on with my day and wishing you a beautiful Thursday!


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