Cauliflower favourite.

During the summer I have become obsessed with this simple and quick dish. It is perfect as a an easy post-training lunch or dinner as it is quite filling but yet light thus successfully dodging a ‘bloated’ feeling. In all honesty, I am all about convenient food and one requirement is that it has to be easy. I dislike having to purchase plenty of ‘rare food’ products which I may or may not end up loving and thus undoubtedly will end up collecting dust in the cupboard. For the same reason my meals have to be easy and quick, I don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. I simply do not have the time and the time I have I would rather spend doing something fun with the people I love. In other words, I do not experiment too much with my food, I know what I like and I like what I know.

Thus, the dish above is so easy a child could prepare it! Start by chopping up the fresh cauliflower into quite small pieces, but naturally whichever size you see fit would be okay. Once chopped, fry it gently until it gets a bit of colour and is nicely cooked. Meanwhile, pop some quorn mince into a second frying pan, let it heat up and add taco spice (or any other spice to your liking!). While the quorn and cauliflower is frying, make a simple salad. Slice up some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell-pepper and cucumber and mix up the colourful loveliness. Put the warm quorn mince (I use about 1.5 deciliter) on top of the salad and pour the heated cauliflower (1 deciliter)  on top of it all and you are ready to rock and roll! If you fancy cheese, you can also add some grated cheddar cheese on top, it is lovely. Additionally, sometimes I add a bit of garlic dressing, but it is not needed really as the dish speak its own language without added bells and whistles!


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