My training buddy.

Last Christmas I was gifted a fitbit from my brother in law and his girlfriend and it has been a true companion ever since. At first I didn’t think I was going to take to it at all as I have always been true to Garmin and fully appreciate the information it provides me with during and post running. But as it were, last spring I had to stop running due to my knee problem and therefore decided to give my brand new fitbit a fair chance and now I am quite hooked!

One of my concerns with ‘step-counting’ gadgets in particular have been that I find them extremely unreliable. Since saving and analysing my training progress is of great importance to me I don’t like to be told porky pies about my training and in particular not from a gadget which is supposed to give me the straight up truth.  As such I was sceptical to say the least and to being with I was mostly interested in seeing the data which showcased my sleeping pattern. But since sleeping has never been a problem of mine the information quickly got old and I also could not really come to terms with wearing a watch when sleeping. For some reason I have to remove more or less everything when going to sleep, I cannot wear any jewellery (engagement ring included!) and certainly no watch. Nonetheless, I can imagine that the sleeping data may be of more interest if you struggle with sleeping or would like to improve on the amount of hours that you sleep.

When it comes to counting steps, I would say that fitbit is fairly accurate. As a matter of fact, when it comes to actual walking I would say that it is rather spot on. However, when saying that I also feel obligated to mention the following; when engaging in other activities than walking it does end up counting almost every moment. For instance, if I am cleaning the bathroom standing fairly still but moving my hands and arms it will still count this as an activity and subsequently add steps. For that reason, step counting is of very little importance to me as it cannot be counted upon as being an accurate representation of my actual steps. Despite this shortcoming I still enjoy to get a ballpark figure of how many steps I have reached every day and in particular on days where I know that I have been very active. But as I mentioned, I do not pay too much attention to it!

Regardless of the less reliable step count, I must admit that I love the option to measure gym activity, crosstrainer and cycling among other physical activities. The fact that fitbit keep track of what I do, for how long and at what capacity makes my life a lot easier when I  later on have to fill in my daily training data in my excel sheet. Thus, all in all it is a fun gadget above all else. It may not be the most fashionable one but its not the worst looking one either. At this point in time there are also many different watch designs within the fitbit family to choose from which makes it a bit more easy to personalise to fit your own taste and (life)style.

For the record, this is not a paid endorsement or advertisement.
Everything stated here is based solely on my own experiences
after wearing the fitbit for almost a year. 


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