Sunday Summary (Y17#36)

Back to Sunday Summaries, and back to updating on 365evermore. First things first, I have had a much needed break from writing here. During this time I have changed a bit in my diet and training and so far it has worked wonders. However, I have been a tad hesitant to update here about my progress and results as I have been too scared to jinx it. Silly I know, but my weight journey is a rather sensitive one due to Hashimoto’s. It has been a tough journey trying to keep my motivation up, I believe it is what happens to most people after spending over two years with next to no results to show for it. It has been a long battle to find the correct dosage of my medication, getting rid of mind-numbing migraine-like headaches, dealing with weight-gain for no reason and jolting my hormones back into a state of ‘normal’.

After my last visit to my thyroid specialist I decided that I had to do something on my own to get the weight-loss happening. The medication alone was never going to be enough. Obviously not saying that I have been lacking in the training department but I have also had quite a bit of faith in the medication to actually sort out my problem. Since this has not been the case, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to attempt to cut out most carbohydrates from my diet to investigate if it would have a positive effect or not. Thus pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and everything else containing a high amount of carbohydrates have been off the menu the past three months and will continue to be gone for a long time (to not say forever). However, due to portion control and the ease of it all, I decided to keep oatmeal porridge for breakfast as well as eating vegetables which contain carbohydrates. I believe that oatmeal was a good choice to keep as it does give my body a bit of a carb boost before gymming, helping my energy levels to peak. Post training I fill up with protein and fat (salmon, avocado etc) only and leave fast carbohydrates out of my remaining meals of the day.

In addition, I also decided to remove all products containing refined sugar, not that I have been a massive consumer of this previously as I prefer fruit or berries. But calling it quits once and for all made it easier to draw the line. Lastly I decreased my intake of soya products (it can be harmful to your thyroid if you are diagnosed with Hashimotos) and exchanged it for quorn products to boost my protein levels.

In combination with the changes in my diet, I also upped my training by going to the gym 5 times per week instead of 3. During the summer I also had to quit running due to my knees, so the crosstrainer, rowing machine and cycles have been my best friend for the past three months. Three days per week I do about an hour of gym-machines and free-weights, where I focus on lifting heavy to challenge my body and build strength and muscles. This is particularly important for Hashimoto sufferers as well as it may help to decrease joint pain and simply keep the metabolism going nicely. Along with the gym session I also do 1 hour of cardio, normally 40 minutes of cross training and 20 minuts of rowing on top resistance. On my two cardio days I do 60 minutes of cross training and 25 minutes of cycling. This leaves me with two resting days per week, however during these days I still try to hit a ‘step-goal’ of at least 15000 steps and remain active in general. My plan is to add yoga to these two days to help relieve the muscles and keep my body as flexible as possible. All these changes, have worked wonders so far as I am finally losing weight even if slow, but as far as I know it is slow for most Hashimoto patients.

Thus, this is my reboot of many things;  my diet, my training and writing here to keep track of how it is going. My current training goal is to increase muscle mass as I want to become stronger and my long-term goal is to be able to boulder. But more about goals in a different post because I have many! Currently I am not too worried about keeping up my former cardio fitness from running as I find that it is much easier to achieve compared to building muscles and ‘tightening’ the body in general. Anyway, this concludes my first Sunday Summary in quite some time, fantastic feeling!


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