Carrying the beauty of a moment with me, within.

Version 2

For the first time in months, I had to get up at 6 am due to a doctors appointment. Honestly folks, I had forgotten about the utter beauty of ‘early’ mornings, the gorgeous colours completely floored me. I must admit that I lost myself completely in this beautiful view, completely at ease blocking out the familiar sounds of a small town waking up. Only taking in the marvellous wonders of our world, the sun, the sky, the river and the ice crystals covering the water. Some days, days like this – feelings like this are even more imperative considering the worrisome future our precious world may be facing. We are most definitely headed towards a new political era and it does scare me a bit. So whenever I get a chance, I take it all in – the way I see it in this very moment, in all its beauty. I breathe it all in and carry it with me, within.


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