Monday, and I love it.

I love Mondays, and the feeling of a whole blank new week ahead of me that I can shape however I please. Of course this is the privilege of someone who currently does not work, and yet have some time off until the ‘real’ student year begins. Monday equals a sweaty gym session for me which I love, I must say that I find great satisfaction in lifting and noticing the change in my muscle strength and body composition in general. I firmly believe in strengthening the body not only because it helps me during running but more importantly because it will keep my body healthier (and stronger) as I grow older. It is definitely my main drive behind training, to do my part when it comes to providing the right tools for my body to build a healthy frame.


A couple of years ago I discovered a lump in my breast and went through half a year of stressful doctors visits, numerous examinations until it was resolved and declared a-ok. Going through a health scare like that definitely made me reconsider some of my previous dispositions towards various things in life. It made it easier to remain focused on where I want to go in life and what I would like to achieve in relation to a healthy lifestyle. At this point, I genuinely thank my body everyday, not because I think that my ‘body’ understands what I am saying, but because my mind does. And if I learnt anything from being ill myself, and sitting by my father as he was terminally ill, what we think – the thoughts that we cultivate – can make a world of difference. Positivity is key, and that does not mean to always and only be positive (or be a constant ‘yes sayer’) sometimes saying no is the most positive thing you can do for yourself. Positivity to me means that I remain true to myself, humble towards everyone else and grateful for the opportunities, struggles and wins that I encounter in my life. It is as simple as that, and it is Monday and I happen to love it.


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