Weekend plans.

Summer is here and I cannot help myself but spend most of the days outdoors. It is far too beautiful to stay indoors in front of a computer. Don’t really want to focus on anything else but this fabulous season and the gorgeous weather! To recap a bit though, I received positive news from my medical doctor in the sense that I do not have diabetes type 2. My thyroid levels on the other hand were all over the place. Cannot say that I was too surprised about that as I have been feeling slightly odd as of late. But hopefully it’ll be sorted in not too long, in particular since I will get to see a specialist at the end of September. Fingers crossed!

Version 2

In other news, I have been very busy training this week and absolutely loved every minute of it. Though it is super hot here at the moment I have kept my routine and done my runs, gym sessions, cycling, yoga and kickboxing (yep that is a new one and I am in love to say that least!). At the moment I really enjoy trying out new types of exercise I think it is because I am yet far from the form I used to be (mainly due to Hashimoto and the weight gain affiliated with this disease!) and as such I am trying to find the right balance – at this point in my life – where training will remain fun, enjoyable and yet challenging. I have always liked quite intensive training a lot more than slow paced ones, but lately I have started to see the beauty in the many fantastic challenges that yoga contributes with. The complete body knowledge and control in addition to the more ‘spiritual’ connection between muscles, body and mind is truly beautiful to experience. However, I am a rather restless soul whom find it difficult to queue and stand still for too long, I like the constant forward motion in general and I suppose that it is apparent in my training as well. Nonetheless, the mix of different training that I enjoy at the moment suits me perfectly. The only thing I miss is my hikes, but I will have to wait a bit longer till the pollen is gone and its safe to venture into the depths of the majestic forest. I miss it tremendously, and if I cannot find my calm anywhere else, I never fail to find it there.

Version 2

Anyway, it is Friday and I have a fun weekend ahead of me – a bit of studying (I am preparing for next study year, yes total nerd always have been! ♡) run tomorrow evening, kickboxing and yoga on Sunday and then on top of it all there is a triathlon this weekend in the city where I live so I think I might pop down to town and cheer the boys and girls on! If nothing else it will get me even more motivated to keep on going with my training. I wish you all a lovely weekend!


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