Finally back again!

Unfortunately I too caught the virus and its taken forever to get back to normal, but my hands and feet are now back to form and I couldn’t be happier. However, I must say that the medical information on the Internet relating to this virus (‘Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease’) are severely understating the impact it has on your body. As an adult you are ‘supposed to’ experience a bit of a sore throat and perhaps a few ulcers in your mouth. Either my boyfriend and I must have been extremely unlucky or the information is incorrect to say the least. I spent two days in bed with around 40 degrees fever, followed by 8 days of blisters all over my hands (couldn’t fold my fingers whatsoever) and under my feet so I couldn’t walk except on my toes which was still extremely painful as well. I needed help with basically everything from showering as I couldn’t hold the shower head, couldn’t even turn the water off and on because my fingers were too painful and lacked ‘normal’ strength. To say the least this virus completely threw me off, never thought I wouldn’t be able to open water bottles, cook or even stand for longer than 2 minutes without losing balance and be in extreme pain. Not pleasant whatsoever.


However, I am finally back to normal and went out for my first run this morning at 7 am and it was fantastic! Never thought I would have so much oomph in my legs after having almost two weeks break from most training. But it went overwhelmingly well and I could not be more pleased! Being able to be physically active again was much needed as I really don’t like sitting around doing nothing. Almost two weeks spent in bed or on the sofa in front of the tv does not do me any favours. As a matter of fact I tend to get quite down when I don’t get to move my body or do some kind of exercise so it has been a real  nightmare. But its all over now, the sun is shining and I have a date with my hairdresser/beautician (cut and massage yay!) in a few hours. As such I have a lovely day ahead of me, and I hope the sun is  also shining wherever you are!


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