Away for a bit.

My boyfriend has managed to catch the ‘Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease‘ and has for the last two days been in quite a lot of pain, unable to walk properly or consume any food except ice-cream (I guess that’s the only upside, lots of ice cream!). He most likely caught the virus during his last swimming session but he must’ve been very unlucky to get such severe symptoms since most adults only tend to get a sore throat and a few ulcers in the mouth and not the whole shebang like he has. After all it is a virus that is most common among young children below the age of 10. But yeah, since he’s infected and the fact that its very contagious, makes me slightly worried that I may be next on the menu so to speak. For this reason I have decided to put 365evermore on hold for a bit – firstly because I have to and want to look after my boyfriend (he’s sort of in house arrest, strict orders from the doc!) and secondly, chances are that I too will have to endure this horrid virus and everything affiliated. Symptoms usually appear 3-7 days after exposure to the virus, and I’m currently on day 3. Fingers crossed my immune system will win this battle as I don’t particularly like the idea of not being able to walk properly and have lots of painful blisters on feet, hands, face and in the mouth, brrr! Not to mention, no training and no running for about two weeks…simply not okay!


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