Sunday Run-day, beating the pollen!

Version 2

Big post-run belated breakfast (mushrooms, spinach, 2 eggs – easy, quick, delicious!), couldn’t decide if it was a good idea to head out this morning or not which resulted in waiting a tad too long. My body is quite used to waiting for at least an hour with breakfast due to taking my thyroid medication in the morning and being advised by my doctor to wait an hour or so until I consume any food. But running on empty is not my favourite thing to do, everyone is different when it comes to this but I like to have at least a little something in my belly. However despite lack of food in my body and pollen reports indicating ‘strong grass pollen‘ my greatest nemesis, I decided to at least try. Figured I could always head off back home if need be, most of the time I tend to feel quite quickly if its going to trigger an attack or not. So I packed my rucksack which I always wear during running (except for the occasions when my boyfriend tags along on his mountainbike, then he’s a gentleman and carries it) since I always have to bring my asthma inhaler (triggered by the pollen unfortunately other than that I have next to none asthmatic problems) and my EpiPen in case I get unlucky and end up having an allergic/anaphylactic shock. I know what you may be thinking now, why do I even bother to run outdoors when I can go to the gym instead? The answer is quite simple, where I currently live there is no air-condition in the gym which means that everyone opens the windows (would be unbearably warm in the gym if not so I don’t blame them!) which means that theres just as much pollen inside as its outdoors. So this means that I may be one of the few that sit around each evening before my next-day run and wish for an abundance of rain! Anyway, went out today despite a few pollen-fears and made it just fine, the utter happiness! Difficult to explain, but the post-run high is simply tremendous.


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  1. Emma says:

    I too have an extreme reaction to some pollens, have you tried eating local honey? For me it was really helpful in reducing my pollen sensitivity, it has to be raw honey from as close by as possible.

    1. 365evermore says:

      Ah, now that you mention it I actually remember reading an article about this at some point but had totally forgot about it. It sounds amazing though and I definitely must try it out! Did you start with the honey before the pollen season or it doesn’t matter when you start? Thank you so much for your comment, much appreciated!

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