Vegetarians, meat-eaters and my reason for eating seafood.

Finally Friday and though I didn’t get to go to Prague this weekend it’s still lovely to have some time off along with everyone else. I started my day with a gym session which was lovely, I definitely enjoy hanging out in the gym working on and focusing on strength training. I have however switched from rather heavy weights to lower weights and more repetitions. I don’t know if its the right way to go or not but a lot of people with Hashimoto (whom are trying to lose weight) argue that its more beneficial so I figured I should at least try it out. Additionally, it was a good change as well since I am, at the moment, mainly focusing on improving my cardio fitness and not so much lifting weights. I guess its difficult to miss that I have such a ‘runners-mentality’ at the moment and I can barely wait to get back out there between my sessions.

Version 2

Todays lunch was not vegetarian, but perfectly yummy nonetheless! As you can see in the photos, its a gorgeous mix of yellow bell-pepper (about 40 gram), leek (20 gram), cherry tomatoes (40 gram), spinach (40 gram) and some prawns (about 60 gram). Quick and easy as I simply fry it all up together, starting with the prawns first to get them just right and then adding the veggies. While frying I also add half a lemon (the juice) since lemon is yet another of my favourites in the kitchen. Not only because it has a fabulous yellow colour (💛) mainly due to its delightful flavour and ahhmazing health benefits.

Version 2

I do try to keep most of my meals vegetarian, but since I cannot eat nuts and many other important sources of nutrition due to allergy, I will forever remain somewhat of a vegetarian. Many people find this hilarious, and I constantly have to explain my reasons for not always eating vegetarian food. Sometimes its a bit annoying how the modern world has this constant need to position everyone in certain categories. My reasons are many, mainly due to allergies but also because of my Swedish heritage and growing up by the coast, being on sailing- and fishing boats since I could walk, and watching my grandparents catching and preparing fresh fish is linked to most loved memories of mine.

I know this is controversial to some, but the way I see it is like this; I do not eat anything that I would not have the heart, ability and knowledge to catch and prepare myself. Simple as that.

There are huge differences between having the knowledge of how to catch and prepare your own food, and the many people walking the isles of supermarkets having no idea how the food ended up there, and even worse, find it morally acceptable to eat the meat once its packed up nicely but could not for the love of their life catch, hunt and prepare the food themselves. There’s no honor in that, and theres little understanding of the many negative effects our excessive meat- and fishing industry have on our earth as such. We have to be extremely mindful of what we eat, not only because it’s meant to fuel our bodies but also because its easy to become a hypocrite arguing one point and at the same time leading a completely different life.


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