Banana-pancakes and a bit of a Hashimoto rant.

Version 2

Banana-pancakes because…its Wednesday and I bloody well deserve it! I am having a great training week so far, but unfortunately not a so great Hashimoto (💀) week. Thus I have to head back to my doctor again and ‘force’ him to take a second look at my lab results (and take new ones) because something is not right. I do realise that I am very fortunate (so far) with only a few symptoms, but the ones that do happen are awful such as horrendous migraine esque headaches and the non existent weight-loss (due to an extremely sleepy thyroid) no matter how often or hard I train or how careful I am with my diet. And trust me I am not one to cheat, not a chance! I follow my recommended diet (and calories per day) to a tee! Mainly because I know that one cheat meal would ruin a lot more than that meal only. My sleepy thyroid does not burn anything and its a constant balance act to eat enough to cover vitamins, minerals etc but not so much that my thyroid will start collecting and storing. Trust me, it is very annoying! But really, the main reason to why I never cheat is because I respect myself, my body and the goals that I have put up for myself to achieve. Despite this, it is of course very dis-heartening when I over and over have to battle and try to accept the non existent results of my hard work. But I refuse to give up, so back to the doctors office I go…laboratory rat should be my first name really. They have taken so much blood from me by now that I most likely could donate to the entire population of Germany soon!

Version 2

Anyway, back to the pancakes right! I love banana-pancakes, they are free of guilt (and no, I don’t mean in the ‘sick’ way I mean guilt free as in no bloating stomach, fully calculated within my daily calorie intake and not bad for my Hashimoto!) and they are easy-peasy to make. Put two peeled bananas in the blender, let it blend till its rather smooth, add four eggs a bit (1 table spoon ish) of ecological vanilla powder and blend again. Heat up the frying pan and start frying. One difference that I have observed when it comes to ‘banana pancakes’ compared to ‘traditional pancakes’ is that they don’t need to fry as long. So keep an eye out and get practising on your ‘flip ’em over’ skills, I love doing that! Whenever I make banana-pancakes I usually make a batch which I can re-heat later in the week if I would like, but in all honesty, most of the time whatever I don’t eat usually end up in my boyfriends tummy. Sharing is caring eh!


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