Running socks: Puma Powercell Performance and Asics Kayano Marathon socks.

Currently sat waiting for the rain so I can head off out for a run, looks like it could come down any minute now. So, I have now for a months time solely been using either ‘Puma powercell performance socks’ or ‘Asics marathon socks’ when I have been out for runs. I know, I am far from being a marathon runner (it’s not even a desire of mine to be honest!) but I love to buy and try out new (to me) training related gadgets and clothes, socks being no exception. And since I had been in need of some new socks for training I decided to try out ‘running socks’, meaning socks that are especially made to offer supportive compression and zonal cushioning of certain areas of the foot during running. Additionally, the manufacturers claim that these socks are anti-blister, have seam free toes and microfibre moisture control. However, when I purchased these socks I had no idea whether or not they would actually work or if I would even notice a difference compared to ‘normal training socks’ since I am not covering extensive distances.

Version 2

Before I start reviewing I would like to address a few opinions about ‘running beginners’ (me!) who enjoy buying and using running related products, be it clothes or gadgets, despite not being the ‘best runners’ out there. Firstly, I find it appalling that people cannot just be happy for each other, why is it so difficult for some people to respect that we all are different and choose different ways to keep ourselves motivated and happy. I enjoy to try out gear that is a lot more advanced than I am when it comes to running, but who cares? I still work on my form, have consulted running coaches in the past to analyse my ‘step’ and I do take my health, body and continued ability to run seriously. My current ‘status’ as a beginner within the running community shouldn’t mean that I cannot wear my Garmin because its considered too advanced for my level, who says? I love statistics and I would lose a lot of my motivation if I couldn’t measure my progress, summarise and analyse my effort and status.

If anything I believe its a good thing to take control of your training, to make it your business to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you should be doing it.

Injuries tend to happen from ignorance, to be prepared and use available technology is perfectly fine in my book. Same goes for my tried out and fitted asics running shoes, could not and would not want to live without them. Once they are on my feet, they almost become a part of my own body – I can barely feel them, and yet they work wonders to support my problematic areas (which for the record are a lot stronger these days!). So, trying out running socks that may or may not be aimed for marathon runners doesn’t bother me, and surely its up to each and everyone how we want to spend our money and what it is that makes us go that extra mile (pun intended!). I guess I just wish that people would be a bit more supportive of each other instead of passing judgement where its certainly not needed.

Version 2Version 2Version 2socks6

I must say that I was a bit surprised at how very different I found the socks, the Puma ones are a lot softer and a bit thicker, warmer on the foot but yet very cushioning. The Asics socks are stiffer, less giving in its material and as such feel more supportive once on, but they are thinner which I actually don’t mind and though I really like the Puma ones I mostly tend to go for Asics for some reason. I haven’t really had much of a problem with overly sweaty feet, so I cannot say whether or not they are better than an average sock in that regard. One small downside though is that they only allow 30° degrees washing temperature. However, I find that most training gear only tolerate somewhere between 30° – 40° degrees so I guess its not that odd after all. When it comes to blisters I have not had any since I started wearing the socks, but I must admit that I hadn’t experienced much of that problem before either at least not to the extent that it would bother me. My blisters mainly appear after long hikes, which is a completely different ballgame. Not sure if theres that much else to say about this, after all its only socks – but to sum it up, they feel absolutely fabulous on the foot, the design (if you care about these things) is beautiful and I find that they hold up well even after numerous times through the washing cycle.

Rain has started, so its finally time for me to head off out for a run! 💦


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