Monday, let’s go!

Monday is here, I really love the beginning of the week perhaps because all my stats start ‘anew’ (garmin, fitnesspal, gym routines etc) and I feel like I have all the power in the world to make it the  best possible week ever. However, this very week may require a few changes when it comes to my weekly training routine, since the boyfriend and I may be heading off to Prague and have a bit of a well deserved and much needed mini-holiday. Which would mean that at least one of my weekly runs will be in the capital of the Czech Republic, how awesome wouldn’t that be! Fingers crossed that we will be able to book and organise it quickly.

Version 2

Anyway, todays been a good day indeed, started off with a gym session, this time focusing on lower weights and more repetitions. It was almost empty in the gym which was rather nice actually, I find that its a tad easier to focus and get my workout routine into a nice flow when its not super busy. Finished off the session with 30 minutes of crosstraining, my least liked cardio machine, but its lean on my knees which complements my running well at the moment. Once back home I had a lunch (not vegetarian today) consisting of fried tomato (50 gram), spinach (50 gram), salmon (90 gram) and a little bit of low fat crème fraîche. It was gorgeous and a much needed boost post workout. When the food had gone down a little I decided to take on my second yoga session, and I may regret saying this later, but today it went significantly better than yesterday. Not sure if its because my body recognised the movements a bit or if my daily form was just a bit better today.  Whatever it was made it a lot easier to enjoy the session even though I have a long way to go before I can perform most of these fantastic poses to full satisfaction. But that is okay, I am stubborn and willing to learn no matter how long it will take for me to get that perfect flow.


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