Sunday vegetarian lunch.

When it comes to food I tend to stick to what I like to a great extent, this sometimes means that I repeat the same meal a few times during the week. I know that its not everyones cup of tea but I really don’t mind repetition as long as its healthy and something that I enjoy cooking and eating. I prefer meals that are quick, easy and based on raw products. As I’m not very skilled in the kitchen I don’t like complicated meals that take long to cook and may not end up tasting particular nice because you missed a small detail somewhere in the midst of things. Lastly, the meals that end up on my plate and subsequently in my body highly depends on what my local vegetable shop can offer at the moment.

Version 2

This week I purchased a massive bag of gorgeous spinach so that has naturally been a part of my daily intake, bell peppers (in various colours) and lovely tomatoes are always a part (hello glowing skin! 💫) of my regular food routine. For todays Sunday lunch I decided to leave out a heavier protein source such as quorn or soy products and instead cook a familiar and much enjoyed mix of leek, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers and a few sun-dried tomatoes filled with feta cheese. Seriously yummy and for us on a weight-loss regime, very lean and low in calories too!

Version 2

Version 2

I have had such a lovely start to my Sunday, as my boyfriend is home from bouldering today due to a healing finger injury (climbing related) and as such we decided to start our morning with some gentle yoga. And what a fabulous way to start a morning that is! However, I did get a reality check on how much more I need to work on my different poses and flexibility but its okay I haven’t done much yoga in my life and we all have to start somewhere. I mainly want to increase flexibility but of course also gain strength that will benefit my running and help me avoid potential problems in the future. So this is a new routine that we have decided to incorporate into our weekly training schedules. Its also a lot of fun to be able to do something together as a couple since we for the most part train separately.


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