Morning run and vegan lunch.

It was raining all night, perfect for a morning run due to less amount of pollen and quite cool air which I prefer. Since I cannot run in the forest during pollen season I stick to the streets which I find very different to the soft tracks in the forest. Though I used to be a good runner back in the days, at this point in my life I most definitely qualify as somewhat of a beginner. As such I much prefer the shelter of the forest where I bump into less people and can focus on my breathing and form a lot more instead of keeping an eye on traffic (not to mention annoyingly slow traffic lights), pedestrians, cyclists and every now and then bumping into people that I know that would like a chat. Let’s just say that ‘street running’ is a completely different game than the solitude in the forest. However, not much I can do about it at the moment, since I can’t risk getting a nasty asthma attack in the forest due to the pollen. So not worth it! I just need to figure out a good ‘street route’ since the area where I live is extremely hilly (as in; hills that your worst nightmares are made of sort of hills) and I am not fit enough to take them on just yet. Not all of them anyway and it is difficult to go anywhere in this area without having to battle a couple of them.

Version 2

Moving on, and I have just prepared todays vegan lunch, since I had somewhat of a sturdy breakfast I quite enjoy a lighter lunch. I usually end up eating a bit ‘heavier’ tea, still mainly based on vegetables though, since that is the only meal that I share with my boyfriend whom isn’t following the same (for obvious reasons, since he does not have an under-functional thyroid) food regime as I do. So, on the lunch menu for today was this lovely mix of 20 gram delightful leek (check out the health benefits of this beauty!), 40 gram of fresh spinach, 50 gram of eggplant and 100 gram of chunky chopped cherry tomatoes.

Version 2

Once the vegetables are chopped in desired shapes and forms, I simply pop it all into the frying pan for a couple of minutes until its warm and casually blended. The smell from the leek in particular is divine, I am slightly obsessed with this vegetable, haha! Lastly, when the vegetables are just right I add about 100 gram sliced courgette (I use the potato peeler, which works perfectly fine if you do not have a proper slicer) and let it heat up till its texture has soften just nicely.

Version 2

Et voilà! Lovely, healthy and vegan. It may not look like the most filling meal but trust me it is a lot more satisfying than it may appear. Of course, this all depends on how active I have been during the day and what I have planned to eat during the rest of the day. But it is a lovely meal and rather quick, highly recommended! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ben says:

    Looks delicous! I agree with you on the forrest versus street running. LOVE the forrest!

    1. 365evermore says:

      Thank you so much! I know right? So much nicer to be in the forest, hopefully it won’t be too long till Im back in there again! Must say that I really like your logo.

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