Nike, Puma and Adidas outlets.

Today I have spent a good amount of hours looking around in the Nike, Puma, Falke and Adidas outlet stores located in a city nearby where I currently live. I was mainly on the lookout for some new seamless running socks, but couldn’t find any which was quite surprising! But I suppose that is one of the downsides with outlets, its not the full range and its often in odd sizes and quantities. But that is of course okay due to the much affordable prices provided. Thus, despite the lack of success in the socks department, I had a lovely time checking out and trying on various training gear.

Version 2Version 2

I am madly in love with the color yellow (in all of its shades) and this super-cute Nike t-shirt simply had my name written all over it. It was an absolute ‘must buy’ and at only €10 it was a real bargain as well, love it! I think my slight obsession with yellow originates from one of my very first memories as a child when I as a 1 year old used to have my naps underneath blooming mimosa trees in South America. Ever since then, yellow has been a huge part in my life and to me it is a ‘happy colour’ generating positive feelings and loving memories!

Version 2 Version 2Version 2

Despite looking around most of the sport related shops, I didn’t end up buying more than the Nike t-shirt which was a bit disappointing. But it was enjoyable nonetheless, and I also picked up the ‘ahmazing’ Tom Ford perfume, Black Orchid. Cannot stop sniffing it, simply gorgeous!


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