To gently let go of the past study-year.

Version 2

After a well-deserved week of relaxation mixed with a few outdoor runs in the pouring rain (one of my favourite things to do in the summer) my attention is now focused on 365evermore solely. I always need a week after finishing the last examination to ground myself again, or perhaps find a ‘new meaning’ if you like. I know that it can be difficult for non-students to relate to this feeling as the concept of ‘vacation’ when you work is completely different and usually something that is fully and whole-heartedly embraced. However, I believe it is the constant pressure to perform at your very best when you are a student that makes it a lot more difficult to accept the abrupt end once the last essay is handed in. Don’t get me wrong, it is lovely to have finished yet another year and to be one year closer to achieving my degree. But for me, there is a combined ‘sadness’ and ‘sigh of relief’ at the end of of every study year. Perhaps it’s because I love, love, love the field of psychology and being able to study this does not only challenge me it also feeds my never-ending hunger to learn everything I possibly can fit into my brain during a study year. And this year have been fabulous, so many pieces have fallen into place and I feel a lot more sure of my own knowledge within the field.

Version 2

A week has passed since I handed in my last essay, and the university related Whatsapp- and Facebook groups are slowly entering summer-hibernation (or perhaps I should say aestivation) and discussed topics have switched from being psychology related to now mainly entail plans for the summer and stories about sunny days spent in the garden enjoying life. And somewhere in the midst of all this, I finally found myself beginning to relax and gently letting go of the past study year. Shoulders lowered back down, feet comfortably up, a good book in my hand and wholly allowing the loving sun to kiss my face.


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