To venture into the world of Nike.

As I had discovered a small hole in my gym shoes it was time to get a new pair that would be used solely for the gym. I have always wore my running shoes (asics) at the gym, but since I actually don’t run at the gym anymore (only outdoors) I figured that it was unnecessary to splash out a lot of money on a pair of new asics which mainly are used for supporting my problem areas when running. Because to be fair, I really don’t need ‘perfectly fitted’ running shoes at the gym when all I do there is walk from one gym machine to another, engage in the free weight section, row and cycle. As such, I decided, during our shopping spree in Heidelberg, to treat myself to a pair of new and very colorful Nikes! These beauties will keep my feet happy at the gym and will also keep me smiling, because sometimes a splash of color is exactly what I need to cheer myself up when I am busy lifting!

Version 2

Below a display of my current gang of lovelies, first my asics trail runners (Fujitrabuco 4 G-TX), second my ‘everyday’ asics running (supporting my problem areas) and lastly my new Nike sneakers. I was quite surprised to notice that for once I actually have a rather colorful collection, not too shabby! But perhaps more important, I am once again all set for various kind of training which is exactly what I like. Do you have any favourites and how many different pair of shoes do you normally switch between? It is always fun to hear what other people think when it comes to different ‘gear’.

Version 2


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