Motivation, inspiration and running.

A few iphone photos (apologies for the poor quality!) from my run earlier this morning, it was not my best run by a long shot – but the weather was spectacular for once and that alone kind of made my day! 🙂 And in all honesty, not all runs can be perfect. Some days my legs are so heavy that I almost begin to wonder what they truly are made of and then again some days my legs are light as feathers and I almost feel like I am flying through the forest. The feeling of ‘physical heaviness’ aside, I often find that it is my mind that plays me the worst kind of tricks. My worst runs are made the days when my motivation and inner ‘oomph’ seem to be on vacation and non-existent. Perhaps this is problems that only occur when you are more of a ‘beginner’ like myself, and not so much a problem for more seasoned runners. I really do not know, but some days it is a problem, for me.

Version 2Version 2

Whenever I drop in motivation during a run I have a few things that I tend to think about to keep me going. Firstly, I think about my health and the reasons to why I am doing what I am doing, putting my own lack of motivation in perspective is the best thing for me to find my way back to myself. To remember the devastation a few years back when I thought I was truly ill and faced the horrendous thoughts of being a bit of a stranger to my own body. I know this is a very personal motivating thought, and most likely difficult for anyone else to relate to but I think that most of us have had a health scare at some point in our life. To me, staying healthy is what keeps me going when the going gets tough and my inner toughie needs to get going. Most of the time it works wonders.

But for the times when it does not, I often think about my fabulous mother “in law”, the most stubborn and super fit 60+ years old that I know. With a few marathons under her belt, challenging hikes in the Borneo rainforest and the simple fact that she actively walks 30 000+ steps a day plus attending a few classes at the local gym is simply mind-boggling. If I ever need a tremendous source of inspiration I need not look far, she is my greatest inspiration and role model and when my own motivation fail I think about her and all her fantastic achievements and encouraging words.

Version 2w4

So, today was not the greatest run, but I did it anyway. I made the choice to get up in the morning, put on my training clothes, warm up sleeping joints and muscles, head up the first hills from hell and continue onwards despite a sleepy feeling in my body and heavy legs. I kept on going across muddy paths in the forest, still not dry from the downpour the last days, kept on going despite being outran by fantastic runners that looked more than twice my age (the seniors in this area are tough cookies I tell you!) and kept a positive attitude even though it was hard, a bit painful and just not my day. The cool-down walk afterwards was fabulous though, and it quickly put my former struggles in perspective and the feeling of achievement washed over me despite the fact that I did fire off a text message of post-run disappointment to my boyfriend. But that is life, where there are achievements there is also hard work, less good days as well as fantastic ones. There are days of never-ending motivation and days like today when I ran on empty but still did it. And I will keep on doing it, not only because I have to but also because I want to and because my body (and ) thanks me every single hour for the rest of the day. And then, in a few days from now, out of love and respect for my own body I willingly choose; repeat.


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  1. Jay Colby says:

    Great post I love reading stuff like this!!

    1. 365evermore says:

      That’s so very kind of you, thank you ever so much!:)

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