An afternoon hike in moody weather.

After casually checking the weather forecast I decided to head off out for a long hike today. As you will notice later on in this entry, that was a foolish mistake – or well, correction – it was a foolish mistake to not dress for a potential change of weather. It is Aprils fools weather after all and it can change from 20 degrees to 9 in a heartbeat. Nonetheless, rain or not – with views like these, is it really okay to complain? I think not!

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It is quite difficult to show how heavy the rain was, but trust me when I say that I was completely drenched upon my return back home. As such, this hike did not turn into a long one, which I had wanted  initially, but it was still absolutely lovely to get out in nature for a bit. Tomorrow my boyfriend and I will head off to a town nearby (2 hours train ride from where we currently live) to adventure a bit, imbibe some culture and have a few meals out – totally looking forward to this little get away of ours! As such I wish you all fabulous weekend, see you on Sunday lovelies! ♡


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