My health battle, Hashimotos Thyroiditis and a nonsensical GP.

During the past months I have tried to come to terms with the fact that my thyroid simply won’t cooperate. It saddens me to realise that it will take a whole lot of effort to make my body once again work with me instead of against me. Not only am I disappointed with my medical doctor (I am in the progress of changing GP and seeking advice from an endocrinologist instead) who have been taking me for a ride for almost a year and at my latest appointment told me that I was perfectly fine while analysing the wrong data. Rather shocking to say the least! Luckily I have several medical doctors in my immediate family whom advised me to move on and see a specialist instead. To be fair, for some health related problems general practitioners are fantastic and I have received top-notch private medical care in Germany up till this point. But since it is vital that my thyroid (and affiliated) health problems are monitored  properly I simply do not want to take any chances.

Additionally, since mid November last year till February this year I fought incredibly hard to drop weight (since I need to!) knowing that my metabolism is extremely slow, I was advised to stick to a calorie intake of 1200 cals/day and train as per usual, meaning going to the gym 3-4 times per week and walk/jog around 7-10 km in hilly areas the rest of the days. During this time, I measured and weighed all my food, calculated everything to a tee, did not drink any alcohol (I rarely do anyway) and still I only managed to drop a bit over 3kg at the end of it. In other words, less than 1kg per month. When mentioning this to my GP he told me that it was perfectly normal (!) and on top of it all exactly what they recommend their patients to lose in a month when engaging in a weight-loss. Do I need to tell you that these comments left me absolutely speechless? I guess not. It is certainly NOT normal to lose that low amount of weight when you fight so hard for it and when you have quite a bit of weight to drop as well. I would have bought his argument if I was very close to my goal weight, but I am not. Naturally I questioned my GP about this statement of his, and of course he became very defensive and started to quiz me on when exactly during the day that I usually eat (le sigh) and when I said that I eat at normal hours he instead tried to tell me (not ask, but actually TELL me) that I surely must drink sugary drinks and that I should be aware of the calories in those. I mean, seriously? I never drink sugary drinks and never have! I do eat fruit however, but not without carefully calculating it. Safe to say, I have had it with my GP at this point, he is not only incompetent (evident of the lack of accuracy when interpreting my test results) but also lack the ability to speak to his patients without dropping derogatory comments. Two things I simply do not think that I as a client should have to put up with when interacting with medical professionals whom most definitely should know better.

So, it has been awfully silent here on 365evermore, and I am terribly sorry about that. But I have not only been battling my GP I have also been extremely busy (still am) with my psychology studies. However, to remain motivated and to keep on going with my training and healthy lifestyle I realised that I definitely need to continue to update here. It sort of helps me to stay on point and think twice before I try to dodge a gym session or when the temptation of less healthy choices enters my everyday. Because yes, it happens and yes sometimes I fail and sometimes that is okay, it is the danger of these failures becoming a habit that I am desperately trying to avoid.

Last but not least, I hope all of you are exceptionally well, I promise to produce a much more upbeat update with some lovely photos the next time. Stay tuned lovelies! ♡


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