Checking in.

Holiday season is here and as such I really do not have much time to blog, my training is now alternated with various christmas parties, meet ups with friends in towns cosy many cafes and strolling around in the city centre enjoying the Christmas markets. I suppose that most of us feel like this during this time of the year, relaxed, happy and enjoying ourselves to the fullest. Simply the way it should be! I do however have a psychology essay to hand in at the beginning of January so I won’t have that much time off,  but it is okay the most important thing is to be able to have some time off with the people I love the most.

Version 2

I do however keep my training going, the picture above is taken straight after (well once I got home) todays rowing session and this is my crazy post rowing sweat hair, haha! I have very thick hair naturally (no extensions) and when it gets sweaty it tends to simply explode in volume and I look rather funny! But honestly, I really don’t mind one bit, I love my training and sweating goes hand in hand no matter what temperature it is outside. Rowing is perhaps my absolute favorite thing to do (after horseback riding, which I sadly don’t do at the moment) when it comes to training. There is something in the repetitive movements that just gets me going, I don’t think I can fully explain why I love it so much, I just do. Do you row as well? Outdoors? Or indoors at the gym? Do you love it? Anyway, in case I do not get to post anything before Christmas eve I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! x


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