Student snack | Winter vitamin boost!

After todays hike in the forest (windy, but lovely! Check out my twitter for picture) and reheating my body with an amazingly delicious tomato soup, I decided to boost myself with some fruity vitamins. Since I had bought some natural yoghurt the other day I decided to gently mix it up with the fruit. I never add any sugar or anything like that when I eat fruit, totally unnecessary – our taste buds do not crave sugar naturally, but we can teach our bodies to do so by constantly indulging in less good options. Personally I prefer to stay with the natural taste of fruit they are certainly sweet enough and it also allows me to truly taste all its magnificent flavours.

Version 2

Most of the time I reach for what we have at home and create a little snack during study breaks, it is a perfect activity to distract my mind from the many psychological theories and methods that I currently am trying to memorise. I love my field of study, it fits me like a glove – but it is important to remember to fuel the body and brain. Fruit is a perfect snack to reach for instead of sweets and with all the health benefits of lovelies such as kiwifruit (just look at that gorgeous green colour, swoon!) associated with beautiful skin, better sleep, healthy heart, lowering blood pressure and for those of you that suffer from constipation or “slow digestion” kiwifruit, much like tomato (never underestimate the beauty that is tomato and its link to healthy bowels), also have a mild laxative effect.Version 2

I also added one banana which adds numerous health benefits but also contributes with its natural sweetness simply divine when mixed with the raspberries more edgy flavour and the ‘sourness’ of the organic natural yoghurt (about 2 tablespoons). Trust me this does not only make my taste buds perform cartwheels of joy it is also extremely refreshing and the perfect reboot of my brain before I return to my books. Additionally, what could be better to digest at this time of the year when everyone is catching colds from left and right. A december vitamin boost for the immune system provided by phenomenal fruit. I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of anything more boring than having a dreaded cold during the holidays, much better to prepare as much as possible and hopefully stay healthy!

Version 2

If this does not get your juices flowing and you are actually reading these last lines while rummaging through the fridge and fruit basket then I do not know what you are made of! Go and indulge, you will not regret it I can promise you that! ♧


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