New in | Asics Fujitrabuco 4 G-TX.

I have had these beauties for a while now but I have not had time to wear them all that much as of yet. Mainly because I have spent most of my time at the gym where I naturally wear indoor shoes (also Asics, I am pretty hooked as they are simply – p e r f e c t – for my feet) and also the last time I wore these I forgot to put my gel pads in and ended up with sore achilles. Not pleasant, not at all. Therefor they have been in the back of the pile for a bit but as soon as the weather allows me to hit the trails again I will plaster up my feet properly, remember to put in the heel pads and try these beauties out again. I cannot wait!

Version 2

I must admit that I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous color of these shoes – however, I did not buy them because of the color. Of course not. Unfortunately I am not one of the more fortunate ones that can pick and choose when it comes to training shoes as my problematic achilles (both sides, but mainly the right one) makes the whole choosing of new foot gear quite the mission. The shoes have to be absolutely perfect or I simply won’t be able to wear them and I really dislike wasting money on things that I cannot wear due to my own lack of research pre purchase. Thus I am quite thorough in my investigation and taking my sweet time trying products out properly before I invest into new foot gear.

Version 2

This particular Asics is a trail running shoe, very robust and sturdy and it has got excellent support around the heel area making it perfect when running in the forest or on uneven ground. Additionally, the fact that it has waterproof Gore-Tex on the top of the shoe makes it even more suitable for autumn- and winter outdoors activities. All in all it is a delightful shoe and I am pretty sure that I will enjoy quite a few forest adventures wearing these beauties!

Version 2Version 2


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  1. janerunswild says:

    Those shoes look awesome! I am more of a Brooks fan but thanks for the information here– I might have to check these out! Happy running!

    1. 365evermore says:

      Thank you very much! I hope they will live up to my expectations and then some 🙂 I have never tried Brooks, will definitely check them out next time I am ‘shoe’-shopping again!

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