Closing in on December.

Version 2

Okay, so my birthday bash did not turn out the way I was hoping – the weather let us down tremendously (it was pouring down all day) so after a couple of hours trying to wait it out we actually decided to stay home. A bit disappointing as I had planned to indulge in some serious shopping and treat myself, but at the same time, not the end of the world. Nonetheless, we had a lovely time together at home and I was gifted some fabulous birthday presents from my boyfriend, so spoilt! ♡ However, the day after my birthday I got the worst headache ever (yes, I know what you are thinking post birthday drinks celebrations, but I do not really drink much if ever so it was completely unrelated) which I think is related to my thyroid problems (hormonal changes) since I have not hit correct levels with my medication as of yet. Quite annoying and very painful, but hey there are worse things and I am grateful that I normally “only” suffer from these kind of headaches for two days and then I am back to normal again.

Version 2

Todays student snack, some lovely kaki (diospyros kaki) and raspberries, perfect little source of energy boost during my studying. Additionally, some days ago I received the mark for my last essay and I was quite shocked to see 97% (first) naturally this will be celebrated a little bit extra when there is time. Because at the moment I am crazily busy, preparing for my in laws to come visit next week, keeping up the gym routine, buying christmas gifts (expats life always mean posting all gifts in early December to stand a chance to arrive on time) and ordering new things for the flat. Busy bee, but I suppose that most people are at this time of the year! Are you all longing for Christmas? Or do you not care much for traditions? I love it all, the decorations, the gift buying, the writing on the cards and wandering through a snowy town when it is dressed up in its very best Christmas outfit. Absolutely lovely!


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